Monday, March 25, 2019


It was November, my car was turning 4 in December and for the previous year it had been in the back of my mind that maybe it was time to let her go and trade her in for a newer model (thank goodness my husband hasn't done that with me). Anyway, being a great believer in fate I duly advertised her and she was sold to the first lady who came to see her. It was love at first sight, just like it had been for me four years earlier when we had bought my first ever brand new car in the UAE. So, with that decision taken out of my hands we headed down to Al Habtoor Motors to order the new one, which was very simple as I knew exactly what I wanted. The deposit was paid and we headed down to the HSBC Bank to apply for the loan that we needed to get the new car. The very nice man in the bankgave us gifts and told us it would take two working days before the loan was transferred into our account, however it was the day before Eid .....

Not to be deterred we accepted that the two days would of course be at least a week. A week later and still we hear nothing, oh well that's Eid messed the loan up, we expected nothing less. Eventually we were contacted and informed that due to having no credit history in the UAE it was delaying the loan application. NO CREDIT HISTORY? We have had an account with them for 9 years!! Yes we did .... but we had recently upgraded on their advise to their premiere package (best in the world), hence they had deleted our previous history with them and given us a new account number, unbelievable isn't it? well I suppose not, remember where we are. Eventually after an entire weeks hold up due to National Day the loan was approved and we contacted the dealership to get the new car. I had at this point borrowed a car as we had sold the old one (another story entirely). At this time I thought that the borrowed car would see us over for a week until the new one arrived. THREE, yes THREE weeks later I leave to visit the UK for Christmas, still no new car.

I then get all excited!! the new car is arriving!! yay!! NOT.. Now because we have AD visa's we knew the situation and know from previous experiences that you need to hand your DEWA in before registering the car, to prove that you live in Dubai but however have a visa in AD. It's a bit like proving you are British even though you don't live in London, it's all the same Country for God's sake. Anyway now what is required is a copy of tenancy agreement to prove you live in Dubai, fine, but when that is in the Company name you need a letter of no objection to register the car!! By now I am starting to getting somewhat stressed and worried about the entire situation. Drew being the pacifist that he is takes it all in his stride and goes to collect the car, which wait for it .... IS NOT READY, yup there is a problem with Insurance!!!

Well long story cut short, it was sorted out and the car eventually arrived just before Christmas.

Motto of the story .... The Biggest Paperwork Fiasco in the World


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