Monday, March 25, 2019

GA's Weight loss Challenge

Last night I managed to convince Mitten that she would be much better off staying at Nanna and Grandad's than she would be with be, as all I was going to do was watch Coronation Street, it worked and she was duly packed off for a little holiday in Satwa.

My plan then came together, with Atilla out at Golf in Sharjah I decided to have a nice hot shower, put on some PJ's and ensconce myself on the sofa with some good television and the real Blue Cat. After a couple of hours I had an early night, slept well and got up early this morning (7.30 am is early for me). After breakfast I headed over to Juan Salon for a morning of pampering. To most of you this isn't really that special, to someone who hasn't been the salon for more than half an hour since last Summer, this is a MAJOR pleasure. Three hours later with pink hair, nails and toes I head over to Mall of the Emirates.

Now seeing as I am having a day of indulgence and relaxation I had a Pinkberry with fruit for lunch, naughty but nice I have to say. I suddenly remembered as I was sitting there that I hadn't been to the Mall on my own since the Summer either and thought it was about time I got myself a new pair of jeans. Now I am already having a super day, out on my own, hair and nails done, Pinkberry consumed when I try on a pair of jeans two sizes smaller the ones I was wearing 4 months ago!! did a happy dance in the changing room!!

I nipped into Boots quickly for some of my secret "how to stay young cream" which you can read about here, then headed home to find an e mail from my bridesmaid in the UK to say that her and husband have confirmed their flights to celebrate our 10th Anniversary with us in March.

Did I deserve my day?? I wouldn't normally say this but yes I did! I hope you all have a day soon which makes you really really smile!

You will find me and my pink hair and nails, in my smaller jeans at Arte this weekend, Times Square from 12 Noon, why not pop in and say Hello, you will find me on the House of Colour stand right next to @toffeeprincess.


is to diet! it's one of those things that we put the back of our minds or start one in January and then fall of the wagon before you even got the middle of the month. For the last four years (at least) I have not been happy with my physical appearance, you might think that odd considering the work I do with House of Colour but it's the truth. House of Colour gave me my confidence back to accept who I am as a woman but it didn't really stop me feeling fat.

The last few months have been lousy due to a back injury which I am not going to bore you all with, but it basically left me housebound. On the 1st of September, I decided that enough was enough (again) and started on a diet. I didn't do it alone I have been surrounded by a very special group of women who shall remain anonymous but they have all been fantastic. I honestly don't believe you can do it on your own, you need to the support of family and friends to embark on what can sometimes be a miserable and disheartening time.

I dragged out all my Slimming World books, magazines and diet plan and started to concentrate on losing some weight. The first month was tough and I got by with the aid of a curly wurly mosts nights which helped my sweet craving. I no longer bother with that as my body is now used to having no chocolate, though I do have the odd nibble of some dark chocolate. Anyway basically with alot of determination, coupled with a slight loss of appetite following a horrific experience with a needle, an Anaesthetist and a local hospital, I woke upa fewweeks agoto find that I had reached my original goal weight loss, which was a 10 kg loss.

All I want to say is that YOU can do it if you WANT to do it, it won't be easy but if you really want to get back to the weight you were, sit yourself down and tell yourself that you will do it!! One thing that kept me going was saying to myself when tempted, do you really want that pizza? or do you really want to be thin? the answer was the latter one.

Another good thing was that Nkd Pizza actually don't deliver in my area!!! (but if you do fancy one, they are the healthiest of the lot)

Good luck everyone YOU CAN DO IT!!


Been a while since I updated this section of the site, for various reasons. The sprained ankle is taking so long to heal. I now also have a badly bruised shoulder which is making it difficult to do anything, including up until last night even sleep. Things seem a lot better this morning so give it another week and I am hoping to be back on track with Sunjay, to finish off the rest of my personal training sessions.

I luckily won an over night stay at the Al Wahda Grand Millenium in Abu Dhabi, and my little family and I will be heading there for 24 hours relaxation this weekend.

Thanks for reading and your support over the last couple of weeks, you know who you are.


As some of you are aware I sprained my ankle last week, got it sorted with rest, then did it again!! this time the swelling was taking its time going down so to be on the safe side I went for an X-ray at the Medcare Hospital, which I have to say is a good hospital. We have used it in the past and would use it in the future if we had to. However they decided that I needed a cast on my foot which I did think was a bit over the top for a sprained ankle?

Two hours later I hobbled out of A&E with Mitten clutching my spare flip flop. As you can imagine I was not a happy bunny. Came home and lay on the settee with it elevated. Eventually I ended up with pins and needles and after some major discussion on Facebook with Chicago Chick and Nurse Jill I have just removed it!! boy what a relief!! I can now walk quite easily and the pins and needles have gone.

Motto of the story : go with your gut feelings


One month in and how do I feel, bit down to be completely honest with you. Went to the LBT class last week and managed to sprain my ankle and it seems to be taking forever to get back to normal, walking up the stairs even causes twinges. Tried the ice, and the deep heat and it isn't as swollen as it was so I will be at the class tomorrow with Sunjay. I cancelled my session this morning due to the ankle but will be doing two next week instead, just need to correlate with Sunjay over timings for the second one.

For those of you who are still hard at it, read Sunjay's inspiring words from his blog.


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