Saturday, January 19, 2019

GA's Weight loss Challenge

Well, what can I say, I have just had my fitness assessment with Opa Fitness and all is not lost!! yes there is alot of work that needs to be done to get me back into tip top shape but it's a step forward in the right direction and that's good enough for me.

Sunjay arrived and we had a good talk about diet and expectations, let's not be silly and think that I am going to have the body of Olivia Newton-John for Easter, but we did get physical and headed up to the gym to see how bad a shape I am really in. We started off with a bit of a warm up on the treadmill then "he who should be obeyed" thought it might be a good idea to have a little go at jogging, yes jogging!! I amazed myself and did it!!! Very short bursts then back to walking, back to jogging, back to walking, I was a bit nervous at first but it didn't take long for me to get into the swing of it.

We then went onto do doing some floor exercises, sit ups and press ups etc. I wasn't too good at these which is to be expected but it is early days and I am confident that over time I will be able to increase my strength and be able to do more. Nothing happens overnight and he is a Personal Trainer not a magician.

I have officially signed up for 10 sessions and have a weekly session booked in for each Tuesday Morning at 8 am, now what will I wear next week?


The date is spooky, it's 11.1.11 and not only is it the day I have chosen to launch this site, I am also having having my first assessment with Opa Fitness. Glancing anxiously at the clock I am starting to wonder what I have let myself in for!!

I really am not sure what to expect, but I have dressed appropriately for the occasion. I am sporting navy blue bottoms and a pale grey top (never one to let House of Colour down), initially I did think that make up wouldn't be too appropriate but I have applied a dab of lippy, I will be back later with a run down of how the assessment went .....

I am yet again on the Slimming World diet and I have to be honest, I eat better on this diet than I do normally!! really we shouldn't call it a diet but more of an eating plan, yes a diet! What I like about it is that they concentrate on food optimising, they give you all the foods you can eat then it is up to you to experiment and put them together how you want too. There are lists of free foods, and then a list of foods with 'syns'. Today for example I have made a smoked haddock salad, which is basically smoked haddock flaked, with onion, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, hard boiled egg (all free food so can have as much as I like). I made up two tablespoons of low fat mayo with a small teaspoon of curry powder and mixed it all together. On top I will add some home made croutons by cutting up bread and blasting it in a hot oven to make it crispy. Believe it or not that entire dish of salad only includes 5 syns!! and it is well tasty and healthy too!

Welcome to 2011, I know that everyone (well practically everyone) will be thinking about the weight they have gained over the festive season.

Well I took a brave step and got on the scales yesterday, and to my absolute disgust I now weigh 75 kg!! so my 2011 challenge is to get rid of 10 kg of that weight, I won't be doing this alone, but with the help of my lovely friend Sunjay from Opa Fitness. Yes the poor man has been given the challenge of getting me into a size 12 pair of jeans hopefully by the summer. I am planning on following Slimming World as in my eyes it is a sensible eating plan as opposed to a diet. Some of you are probably sitting there thinking you have heard this all before, course you have, I am a woman and we often fail at dieting, it is one of the "women" things in life! I really want to succeed this time though and shall be using this site to update you all with the ups and downs of dieting, cutting out alcohol and being 45 (I still think I am 30 though). So watch this space I think you will find that it is going to be a bit of a rollercoaster of emotions over the next few months.

And if anyone sees Sunjay offer him my sympathies.


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