Saturday, January 19, 2019

GA's Weight loss Challenge

I met up with Sunjay this morning for my third session in the gym, it was a killer!!! BUT it has motivated me to putmore effort into the exercise side of things. Mitten and I went for a walk yesterday afternoon which I really enjoyed and tomorrow I am going to get the bike out for a quick ride round the block.

Sunjay is organising a free aerobic class on Thursday morning, which I am really looking forward to. I think it is easier if you are in a group, you can always push each other along to actually finish the class!!

Keep up the good work!!


Another week over and I have to admit that I am finding the sessions in the gym tough, that tough I haven't been this week but will be heading there later today. I need a gym buddy!! I don't mind the Tuesday sessions when Sunjay is here with me but am finding it very hard to motivate myself the other days. Hopefully this week I will have some company which may well motivate me.

For the first time this weekend we ate out in the Mall, went to Chilli's as a matter of fact and ordered what appeared to be a healthy prawn salad. When it arrived it was laden in cheese and chopped up nachos and in all honestly would have fed two people. Eating out here is an absolute nightmare when you are dieting. I still maintain that the Burger King Salad is the best one when you are watching your calorific intake, just keep away from the onion rings ...


What happens on Tuesday's at 8 am? yes the Torture Man from Opa Fitnesscomes round to torture me in the gym. I had an early start on him and was on the treadmill when he arrived. We did some work on the bike, loads of leg exercises that nearly killed me, and now I am going to have a bath as I have a feeling tomorrow morning I may well be aching from head to toe!


Weight Loss 1 kg

Dear Personal Trainer,

Forgive me, I have sinned, but I would like to place all the blame on Toffee Princess


Today I have been doing some of the exercises that Opa Fitness recommended to me, in the comfort of my own home!! Yup that's right, did sit ups and attempted to do some press ups (they are so hard). Anyway it was nice to do in the comfort of my living room whilst watching Sky News Sunrise.

I still haven't been weighed and to be honest with you I don't feel as if I have lost anything, I will get weighed over the weekend and update you all. Food wise I am doing well, the key in my opinion is to keep the fridge well stocked with plenty of low fat nibbles all the time. I constantly have a big bowl of salad chilling in the fridge which I can just add a tin of tuna too and hey presto a nice fresh low fat lunch. (I could murder one of my Pork and Leek Terrines though!)

To those of you out there who are trying to shed a few lbs I am thinking of you, I have posted this little chap to give you some inspiration ....

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