Monday, March 18, 2019

GA's Weight loss

Another week over and I have to admit that I am finding the sessions in the gym tough, that tough I haven't been this week but will be heading there later today. I need a gym buddy!! I don't mind the Tuesday sessions when Sunjay is here with me but am finding it very hard to motivate myself the other days. Hopefully this week I will have some company which may well motivate me.

For the first time this weekend we ate out in the Mall, went to Chilli's as a matter of fact and ordered what appeared to be a healthy prawn salad. When it arrived it was laden in cheese and chopped up nachos and in all honestly would have fed two people. Eating out here is an absolute nightmare when you are dieting. I still maintain that the Burger King Salad is the best one when you are watching your calorific intake, just keep away from the onion rings ...


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