Tuesday, March 26, 2019

GA's Weight loss

As some of you are aware I sprained my ankle last week, got it sorted with rest, then did it again!! this time the swelling was taking its time going down so to be on the safe side I went for an X-ray at the Medcare Hospital, which I have to say is a good hospital. We have used it in the past and would use it in the future if we had to. However they decided that I needed a cast on my foot which I did think was a bit over the top for a sprained ankle?

Two hours later I hobbled out of A&E with Mitten clutching my spare flip flop. As you can imagine I was not a happy bunny. Came home and lay on the settee with it elevated. Eventually I ended up with pins and needles and after some major discussion on Facebook with Chicago Chick and Nurse Jill I have just removed it!! boy what a relief!! I can now walk quite easily and the pins and needles have gone.

Motto of the story : go with your gut feelings


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