Monday, March 25, 2019

GA's Weight loss

Last night I managed to convince Mitten that she would be much better off staying at Nanna and Grandad's than she would be with be, as all I was going to do was watch Coronation Street, it worked and she was duly packed off for a little holiday in Satwa.

My plan then came together, with Atilla out at Golf in Sharjah I decided to have a nice hot shower, put on some PJ's and ensconce myself on the sofa with some good television and the real Blue Cat. After a couple of hours I had an early night, slept well and got up early this morning (7.30 am is early for me). After breakfast I headed over to Juan Salon for a morning of pampering. To most of you this isn't really that special, to someone who hasn't been the salon for more than half an hour since last Summer, this is a MAJOR pleasure. Three hours later with pink hair, nails and toes I head over to Mall of the Emirates.

Now seeing as I am having a day of indulgence and relaxation I had a Pinkberry with fruit for lunch, naughty but nice I have to say. I suddenly remembered as I was sitting there that I hadn't been to the Mall on my own since the Summer either and thought it was about time I got myself a new pair of jeans. Now I am already having a super day, out on my own, hair and nails done, Pinkberry consumed when I try on a pair of jeans two sizes smaller the ones I was wearing 4 months ago!! did a happy dance in the changing room!!

I nipped into Boots quickly for some of my secret "how to stay young cream" which you can read about here, then headed home to find an e mail from my bridesmaid in the UK to say that her and husband have confirmed their flights to celebrate our 10th Anniversary with us in March.

Did I deserve my day?? I wouldn't normally say this but yes I did! I hope you all have a day soon which makes you really really smile!

You will find me and my pink hair and nails, in my smaller jeans at Arte this weekend, Times Square from 12 Noon, why not pop in and say Hello, you will find me on the House of Colour stand right next to @toffeeprincess.


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