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Fact Not Fiction

About the bigger picture before you start moaning and complaining about the little things in life that irritate you.  I had lunch today with the lovely @karenpendragon and we talked about things that make us happy.  Our children, flowers, sunshine, a palm tree, a group of camels on the sand.  Things that just make us want to smile. Things that cost us nothing (well apart from the kids, they have cost us a fortune) BUT we would never be without them.  Do we really care that they aren't top of the class? would we really change schools because there was no toilet roll in the spare toilet? (yes that was a classic I heard a few years ago).

Japan is a mess, there is no other way to describe the situation there that doesn't involve swearing which would result in be shut down by the authorities.  These atrocities effect everyone on some level, they make you look at what you have and be thankful for what you have been given.  Little things in life suddenly seem more important.  Look around you and take in everything that makes you smile.  Then add the monetary value up for those things and I think you will find they have cost nothing.  Life makes you smile, not the possessions in it.

On that note here are some flowers from me to make you smile

It was brought to my attention by the lovely folk at Nad Al Shiba Vets that they have an abandoned Saluki dog on their hands which they are trying to re- home.  He is a friendly young man, approximately 4 years old, not too keen on pussycats so maybe a family with no cats would be the way to go.  It sickens me that people can just abandon their pets and not give them a second thought.  Saluki's are such a lovely breed of dog and known for their placidness.  Have a big heart and think seriously about giving Keith a good permanent home.

Now is as good a time as ever to mention that Nad Al Shiba Vets are my preferred choice of Vet, so if you have any furry or feathered friends in your house and need professional advice or help then I can't recommend them strongly enough.

I have added a picture of Saluki Keith, please spread the word via Twitter and FB, you can share this article from here.  Telephone : 04 323 4412


They say there is one born every minute, a baby that is, they are probably right.  It appears from the Channel 4 documentary of the same title that there very definately is one born every minute at The Princess Anne Hospital Maternity Unit in Southampton.

Yet another super duper offering from the Channel 4 Documentary makers, I have never missed an episode. The show is aired in the UK on Monday evenings so it makes perfect Tuesday evening viewing for Mitten and I when Atilla the Mouse is at golf. Yes I say Mitten, she loves it and this amazingly well made documentary has saved me having to explain where babies come from to Mitten at the tender age of 6 and three quarters, the three quarters is very important. She doesn't know how they get in there, but that I am guessing will be a whole new post!

No two births are the same but it appears to me that the men in these birthing scenarios are very very similar indeed. All of them seem to turn into blithering wrecks who spout out a total load of rubbish at their highly sedated and deeply in labour ladies.   None of them seem to have grasped the idea that they could actually just keep their traps shut and let the female of species get on with the job in hand.

Love it or loath it, makes you cry, makes you smile, there is no escaping the fact it truly is must watch TV, especially when you can sport the BEEN THERE, DONE THAT TEE SHIRT, smugly of course ...


Yet again the fabulous documentary makers at Channel 4 have come up with a super little 30 minute documentary about the only  Asian retirement home in the UK. Aashna House is situated in the Greater London suburb of Lambeth and has been open since 1993.  The Home comfortably houses 37 residents, there is just one rule, they have to be Asian, but they can be of any faith.

What a wonderful half hour I spent with an amazingly different group of people.  Mr Sen worked as an extra on James Bond films but he never married and hasn't had a visitor to Aashna House for the last 6 years. It is expected in Asian culture, and it is also a great honour to nurse your parents through their elder years. However, in the UK things are changing and second generation Asian families are working families who don't have the time to nurse and care for their elderly relatives. 

Mrs Ramjee was my favourite out this group of lovely people who really did touch my heart, she suffered a stroke 2 years ago and is now recouperating at Aashna House. Different cultures have always fascinated me which is handy as we are living in such a multicultural city as Dubai.

Take 30 minutes out and watch this amazing documentary, you won't regret it.

Well done to Aashna House for keeping their residents in the culture they have become accustomed too.

Adam Kechil is a well known local TV Host and Personality who tirelessly campaigns for road safety in the UAE.  Below are his words on the situation ....

"When I deliver road safety training people have noticed that I never say the word ‘accident’ when referring to the carnage that occurs on the world’s roads. This in itself is no accident; I deliberately avoid using the word. I opt, instead to use a word best describing the factual event that has taken place; a CRASH!!

The word accident implies that the crash was unavoidable. Accidents do occur in everyday life, but not in driving. It is applicable here in the UAE as much as elsewhere in the world. If it is not an accident, why then do crashes happen? Lack of concentration is the main cause for all crashes, including those that result in death. The Police know this all too well. When they turn up to an incident involving a third party, one or more of the drivers may pass a comment such as “the other driver came from nowhere” or “I didn’t see him” or even the best one, “Officer when I looked he wasn’t there”.

The drivers who make the above statements are not lying, they believe what they saw to be true, but how can someone else appear from nowhere? Well actually, as we all know that is just impossible. Driving needs 100% concentration 100% of the time, however it has become the norm here for people to attempt to do their business development by phone whilst driving.

In fact it seems to be acceptable to do anything else, whilst driving, apart from concentrate on the driving task. Even stray thoughts about what you plan to do when you arrive at work or what you are planning for that evening can mean that you miss a vital piece of driving information.

The problem is that when the media use terminology like; ‘accident’, it can soften the impact of what has actually happened. When there is an aviation disaster the media reports a plane crash not accident and yet according to the World Health Organisation (WHO), road deaths are second only to AIDS as the leading cause of ill health and premature death worldwide among men aged between 15 and 44. It is a shocking statistic but I will not apologise for using it, as I do not believe in softening something as serious as needless death. However, while the world’s leading medical experts are working together to tackle the AIDS problem, there is still too few people like me who are dedicated to raising awareness so as to save lives.

Most of the people reading or hearing these comments are expatriates, who are here to make a better life for themselves and their families, so keep that in mind. Remember driving is a means to an end, not an end resulting in you going home to your country and your family in a body bag.

When you drive, concentrate for the whole journey"

Adam Kechil Dip DI, M inst MTD, MAIRSO
Road Safety, Driver Training & Instructor Training Consultant

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