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Fact Not Fiction

Exciting news for 13-17 year olds in Dubai!

Teens Club Culture is a brand new social club for teenagers aged 13-17 in Dubai. TCC aims to get UAE teens out of the malls at the weekends through a variety of weekly events and activities. Fun activities, sports, classes, movie screenings, beach parties and music gigs, are just a small part of their action-packed events calendar, all to take place in a safe and secure environment. No adults are allowed at events but REPS aged 18-21 will be in attendance, not to mention plenty of venue staff to ensure the teens have a great time and stay safe. All events will be completely catered for them, so they can hang out with their friends, have the chance to win some great prizes and just have a lot of fun really!

TCC kick-starts its impressive calendar with a launch extravaganza on Friday 23rd September, at Aquaventure beach, Atlantis, The Palm, and will feature artists such as Chipmunk, Mann and local band set to conquer the world, Juliana Down. It starts at 5:00pm and ends at 10:30pm. The dress code is beach casual because the the rapids section will be open for the teens to splash about in, as well as beach games and a scooter park, not to mention the main attraction...the stage on the beach! Kris Fade from Virgin Radio will be hosting the stage entertainment from 6:30 to 10:30 pm.

The launch event is members-only, and only the 1st 3000 members get to go, so if you know any teens who don’t want to miss out on this fantastic opportunity, they need to sign up online with their parents (credit card payment required) or buy a membership pack from Virgin Megastore and validate the unique code on the website.

The sponsors are well-chosen, teen-related and responsible. The events will allow teenagers to get some fresh air and fun. Because it’s  brand new, TCC is still developing its ideas for more activities, so the sooner they get teens signed up and giving them feedback, the sooner they can tailor the activities to their likes and dislikes.

For updates and further information visit their website, and Like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter...There’s a chance to win some great prizes once they get their likes and followers up!



Yes at long last it is September and the last minute rush to buy school uniforms, school bags and healthy snack box foods is upon us.  For some of us we have had years of experience of this, what seems like an enormous task when in reality we do the majority of it every Saturday evening throughout the term time.

I am sure I am not the only Mother who has spent 20 minutes battling in the stationery section of Carrefour pleading with their child, begging them not to buy yet another Pretty Kitty rubber or Ben Ten pen. It's just another commercial revolution, the "Back to School" bonanza, what a waste of time and energy. Stick some pencils in a fluffy 7 dhs pencil case from Daiso and pack them off to school with a smile on their face.

This year Mitten enters year three, I can't believe where the years have gone, this is the start of her 5th year at school and she is only 7!

Just remember that it really doesn't matter what they achieve or if they have the trendiest school bag known to the Beckham's.  What is important is that they are happy and that they enjoy their time at school, each and every minute of it.  School is not a competition created by parents to ensure their child is the most liked, but a place where children develop their skills and personalities and become the people we hope and pray they will come.

Tomorrow, with pride, I will thank God for giving me the opportunity to me a Mother, it's the best thing in the world.  I know the house will feel empty without her, it's going to take me a while to adapt to the silence but at least it will give me a chance to write, something I haven't done much of over the Summer due to one thing and another.

All children are a blessing, just make sure your remember that.


Last week I visited the Garage at the Greens to do all things car related.  I arrived in my Pajero which cost me 92,000 dhs (15,206 GBP) same model in UK would be 40,000 GBP,  well it cost my husband not me but regardless whats his is ours and what's mine is mine.   I headed to the car wash section where basically I got a full interior and exterior valet for 40 dhs (6.61 GBP), I then filled the car up for 100 dhs exactly (16.52 GBP).  Then Mitten and I went to Burger King which set us back a massive 30 dhs for two of us (4.95 GBP). I had ran out of Marlboro's (no one is perfect), a carton of 200 set me back another (11.52 GBP).  Hardly an expensive hour out is it? A total spend of 40 GBP to fill car up, get valet, have lunch (albeit it BK), buy 200 cigarettes.

I am the first one to agree that Dubai is not the cheapest place in the world. The rents are still completely over the top, though compared to London they appear to be in line with a few other major cities round the World. I think what we as Expats forget is that although Dubai is a relatively new City it is still a City.  Education whilst we complain about the costs is less than a private Education in the UK, although I am pretty sure that the Education our kids get here, is exactly the same as a State Education in the UK, depending which area of the UK you are from. Of course here you get leather sofa's in the reception area and a covered swimming pool which makes all the difference doesn't it?

I still find grocery shopping on a par with the UK, whilst finding red meats alot cheaper, I do find chicken can be pricey for good quality. So many of us here complain constantly about practically anything and everything.  I would rather be inclined to think that there are not many of us here who could sustain the same standard of living/lifestyle on the same budget as we can here.

Healthcare in the UK is free if you chose the National Health Service, a fabulous state service which I shall never criticise as very few Countries have this luxury.  However as an Expat you would be crazy not to have good private Medical Insurance.  The Government Hospitals here offer a good level of no frills healthcare, if you want free toiletries and five star food (sometimes) you can alway check out one of the private Hospihotels.

The UAE has its flaws, we all know how badly the Asian Labourers/Maids/Workforces are treat and if we were that unhappy with the bureaucracy we would leave, but we don't?  Why?  because at the end of the day living here compared to living the UK is cheap.

Now kindly pack up your troubles in old kit bag, or accept Dubai life for what it is, afterall, life's what you make it ...

Below is a little update from the love guys at Nad Al Sheba Vets about Keith the Saluki, at least this tale has a happy ending

"Well, after spending a fortnight in a fabulous foster home in The Springs, it became apparent that his escape-artist tendancies were very deeply rooted.

Upsetting as it was, we all felt that he could really get hurt on his wanderings or cause an accident in such a built-up area.

.... and so, once again, we had to review what options were available.

However, the stars continued to shine on this Saluki with a Charmed Life -and he was offered a place on a farm in Al Ain to join a group of other salukis, to run loose and to sleep on beds, blankets & carpets according to his whim.

Today we have just heard that Keith has been on a full-on Bedoiun getaway weekend in Qatar where he took part in some saluki racing (presumably in-between the sofa snoozing and henna sessions) where he came 5th, 2nd and...... wait for it ..... 1st!!!

He is greatly adored, much admired & highly pleased with himself and we can't think of a dog that deserves it more!

Good work, Keithy-Boy"

Happy Retirement Keith, love GA x



If you haven't heard about the forthcoming Here and Now Dubai, The Very Best of the 80's Concert, where have you been!! had your head in the sand?

I originally wrote about this in January, so some of you may remember it from there. I am a huge fan of the 80's, aren't we all? in particular, and this will come as no suprise to most of you know me well, Boy George. I remember Culture Club hitting the charts in 1982 with their platinum selling single "Do you really want to hurt me?", I was a fan from day one, I bought every album, had his posters on my bedroom wall. How was I to know that now, nearly 30 years later that Boy George would be performing in Dubai, and that Culture Club are getting back together and are to be touring next year to celebrate their 30th Anniversary.

Boy George will be performing at Meydan Racecourse with some fellow 80's successes, Kid Creole and the Coconuts, Paul Young, The Real Thing, Curiosity Killed the Cat, and that "Heaven on Earth Lady" the wonderful Belinda Carlisle. The concert is taking place at Meydan Racecourse, which has great parking and access which has got to be a bonus to those of you who are planning on attending. The date: Thursday 7th of April.

I was lucky enough to be able to read an interview that Boy George has given regarding the forthcoming concert and this is what he had to say about what he has learnt in the last 30 years ...

"Like many people who seek fame, I believed that fame or success would create a problem free life for me, that it would remove my insecurities. I have more realistic expectations from fame these days. I have learnt to be in the moment and enjoy what I do without worrying too much about the past or the future. I am lucky to do something I love and make a living from it and so I try now to really focus on how fortunate I am. My music has always been a kind of personal diary and I write about how I feel and how I see the world around me. If you can touch another soul or reach into people's heart and make them feel I believe that is true success" ... Boy George

I follow @boygeorge on Twitter, he featured me in one of his daily pages, he tweeted me about his latest single. What have I learnt in the last 30 years?That is obvious really, it's that I do love Boy George.

Don't be an April Fool and miss this, get your Ra Ra skirts out, and your pixie boots, a good dollop of eyeliner and book your tickets via


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