Monday, March 18, 2019

Fact Not Fiction

I have seen some fabulous marketing campaigns over the years and some equally horrific failures as well, living the Middle has proved that I have seen alot more of the latter!

The wonderful witty and delightful Alan Carr (aka @chattyman) last week had that pop sensation, JLS as his guests on his weekly chatshow. The world has watched the cheeky boy band's raise to fame since they were finalists in the Xfactor a couple of years ago. Not really my cup of tea but adored by thousands, especially young teenagers who seem to lust after this dynamic foursome of handsome young men. Made famous because they are good looking, can mime well, but more importantly have mastered the art of line dancing for young people.

Anyway I was very surprised to see that they have joined forces with Durex, I am pretty sure the initiave would have been Durex's however, and have launched a range of condoms, wait for it, the Just Love Safe (JLS range). Further investigation via everyone's friend Mr Google revealed that JLS have a charitable trust which is concerned about STD's and other nasties that can be caught if we aren't practicing safe sex. Admirable, yes totally, spreading the word, yes definately, packaging, nice small box, pretty colours but this is where it all starts to go a bit strange ....

Each member of the band has his own specially packaged condom, it would appear from further investigation that the young frontman by the name of Aston (great name for a puppy) seems to outsell his compatriates when it comes to condom sales. Would that be because women are buying them? as they are in some strange state of infatuation, or because men are buying them because the women like him? Fascinating yet true, either way their initiative is admirable and hats of to Durex for being so imaginitive with their Just Love Safe Campaign, I am sure it has made them very little money ......

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