Monday, March 18, 2019

Fact Not Fiction

They say there is one born every minute, a baby that is, they are probably right. It appears from the Channel 4 documentary of the same title that there very definately is one born every minute at The Princess Anne Hospital Maternity Unit in Southampton.

Yet another super duper offering from the Channel 4 Documentary makers, I have never missed an episode. The show is aired in the UK on Monday evenings so it makes perfect Tuesday evening viewing for Mitten and I when Atilla the Mouse is at golf. Yes I say Mitten, she loves it and this amazingly well made documentary has saved me having to explain where babies come from to Mitten at the tender age of 6 and three quarters, the three quarters is very important. She doesn't know how they get in there, but that I am guessing will be a whole new post!

No two births are the same but it appears to me that the men in these birthing scenarios are very very similar indeed. All of them seem to turn into blithering wrecks who spout out a total load of rubbish at their highly sedated and deeply in labour ladies. None of them seem to have grasped the idea that they could actually just keep their traps shut and let the female of species get on with the job in hand.

Love it or loath it, makes you cry, makes you smile, there is no escaping the fact it truly is must watch TV, especially when you can sport the BEEN THERE, DONE THAT TEE SHIRT, smugly of course ...

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