Monday, March 18, 2019

Fact Not Fiction

About the bigger picture before you start moaning and complaining about the little things in life that irritate you. I had lunch today with the lovely @karenpendragon and we talked about things that make us happy. Our children, flowers, sunshine, a palm tree, a group of camels on the sand. Things that just make us want to smile. Things that cost us nothing (well apart from the kids, they have cost us a fortune) BUT we would never be without them. Do we really care that they aren't top of the class? would we really change schools because there was no toilet roll in the spare toilet? (yes that was a classic I heard a few years ago).

Japan is a mess, there is no other way to describe the situation there that doesn't involve swearing which would result in be shut down by the authorities. These atrocities effect everyone on some level, they make you look at what you have and be thankful for what you have been given. Little things in life suddenly seem more important. Look around you and take in everything that makes you smile. Then add the monetary value up for those things and I think you will find they have cost nothing. Life makes you smile, not the possessions in it.

On that note here are some flowers from me to make you smile

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