Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Fact Not Fiction

Below is a little update from the love guys at Nad Al Sheba Vetsabout Keith the Saluki, at least this tale has a happy ending

"Well, after spending a fortnight in a fabulous foster home in The Springs, it became apparent that his escape-artist tendancies were very deeply rooted.

Upsetting as it was, we all felt that he could really get hurt on his wanderings or cause an accident in such a built-up area.

.... and so, once again, we had to review what options were available.

However, the stars continued to shine on this Saluki with a Charmed Life -and he was offered a place on a farm in Al Ain to join a group of other salukis, to run looseand to sleep on beds, blankets & carpets according to his whim.

Today we have just heard that Keith has been on a full-on Bedoiun getaway weekend in Qatar where he took part in some saluki racing (presumably in-between the sofa snoozingand henna sessions) where he came 5th, 2nd and...... wait for it ..... 1st!!!

He is greatly adored, much admired & highly pleased with himselfand we can't think of a dog that deserves it more!

Good work, Keithy-Boy"

Happy Retirement Keith, love GA x


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