Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Fact Not Fiction

Last week I visited the Garage at the Greens to do all things car related. I arrived in my Pajero which cost me 92,000 dhs (15,206 GBP) same model in UK would be 40,000 GBP, well it cost my husband not me but regardless whats his is ours and what's mine is mine. I headed to the car wash section where basically I got a full interior and exterior valet for 40 dhs (6.61 GBP), I then filled the car up for 100 dhs exactly (16.52 GBP). Then Mitten and I went to Burger King which set us back a massive 30 dhs for two of us (4.95 GBP). I had ran out of Marlboro's (no one is perfect), a carton of 200 set me back another (11.52 GBP). Hardly an expensive hour out is it? A total spend of 40 GBP to fill car up, get valet, have lunch (albeit it BK), buy 200 cigarettes.

I am the first one to agree that Dubai is not the cheapest place in the world. The rents are still completely over the top, though compared to London they appear to be in line with a few other major cities round the World. I think what we as Expats forget is that although Dubai is a relatively new City it is still a City. Education whilst we complain about the costs is less than a private Education in the UK, although I am pretty sure that the Education our kids get here, is exactly the same as a State Education in the UK, depending which area of the UK you are from. Of course here you get leather sofa's in the reception area and a covered swimming pool which makes all the difference doesn't it?

I still find grocery shopping on a par with the UK, whilst finding red meats alot cheaper, I do find chicken can be pricey for good quality. So many of us here complain constantly about practically anything and everything. I would rather be inclined to think that there are not many of us here who could sustain the same standard of living/lifestyle on the same budget as we can here.

Healthcare in the UK is free if you chose the National Health Service, a fabulous state service which I shall never criticise as very few Countries have this luxury. However as an Expat you would be crazy not to have good private Medical Insurance. The Government Hospitals here offer a good level of no frills healthcare, if you want free toiletries and five star food (sometimes) you can alway check out one of the private Hospihotels.

The UAE has its flaws, we all know how badly the Asian Labourers/Maids/Workforces are treat and if we were that unhappy with the bureaucracy we would leave, but we don't? Why? because at the end of the day living here compared to living the UK is cheap.

Now kindly pack up your troubles in old kit bag, or accept Dubai life for what it is, afterall, life's what you make it ...

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