Monday, March 25, 2019

Fact Not Fiction

In July 2006 a relatively unknown Software Engineer, Jack Dorsey, launched the online social networking site Twitter. I didn't join the on line phenomenen until April 2009, and admittedly it took me a few months to get to grips with it. Now I wouldn't be without it. It's simple, straight forward, has no stupid upgrades or changes, it is what it is, it does what it says. It's the best way to contact real people in real time. The quickest way to search any subject globally and it has changed the world of damage limitation forever.

It took Twitter three years, two months and 1 day to reach the Million tweets, Twitter now sees this happening on a daily basis.

Why has it been such a huge success? My take on that is because it has been kept simple and straight forward, no flashy changes made to try and out-do other social networking sites. The World has changed dramatically in the last ten years due to technology. Twitter has made it easy for anyone to follow anyone they want in the world, from world leaders, to the heads of the popworld, to Joe Bloggs next door, you can literally search and find anyone you want as long as they have a twitter account which leads me to my next observation.

Just one year ago you barely heard the word Twitter mentioned on TV, the newspapers had latched on pretty quickly after soon learning they could follow the famous and gleen bits of useless information from celebrtity tweeters. Now there isn't a programme that you turn to that hasn't got a twitter account or isn't using the # facility to promote their show. Just last week Gary Barlow tweeted his first tweet live from the Xfactor, the show following the Xfactor, The Xtra Factorhas twitter streaming live in the background, the whole show revolves round twitter and comments tweeted relating to the show, the presenters armed with shiny iPads reading out comments live as they come in.

For me Twitter opened up a whole new world of possibilities, I have met some wonderful people, attended some fantastic events and heard the news as it breaks. It is the first place I go to if I want to find something out, and most importantly if you have a Twitter account you are never alone, right through the summer when I was awake at 3 am most days I always had someone to talk to!!

Whatever you chose to use Twitter for I hope you enjoy it as much as I have in the last two and a half years.


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