Monday, March 25, 2019

Fact Not Fiction

The first of a three part article about life in the Judicial System in the UAE .... The following report was written by a friend who has now left Dubai, it gives good insight into how the Prison and Judicial System is run. I take no responsibity for the accuracy of this report and am printing it in good faith.  Part 2 to follow tomorrow:

“Firstly let me tell you what to expect, in the police stations, they are way overcrowded at the moment, you will not get a bed, you’ll be lucky to get a blanket, you’ll be sharing a bed space with others.

In Muraqqabat there are 2 huge square units each with 8 or 10 cells around 2 sides, on the front wall there’s a tv and the shower/toilet block, there is no

way you can go outside, you’re inside 24/7, very little natural sunlight, tensions run high in and there are regular fights.

In all the other police stations there are corridors with cells along both sides, the worst is Al Rafa, that is crazily overcrowded, there are 8-10 guys in each cell (2 bunk beds per cell) and everyone else sleeps in the corridor on the concrete floor, there is a small exercise yard with marble tables but that is also full of people sleeping, there is no TV but you do have telephone access 24/7.

In Al Rashidiya, you need to hope you get taken to the downstairs cells straight ahead as you go in, not the ones upstairs or on the right, this is known as the drug abusers place, the drug abuse amongst locals especially is horrendous, I saw one guy murdered there in a fight over who ran the canteen (very profitable) and the sexual abuse of (especially the far eastern – Chinese/Filipino) prisoners is horrendous, the cries of one Chinese guy being raped again and again will stay with me for years"

to be continued tomorrow ...


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