Monday, March 18, 2019

Fact Not Fiction

Part 2, again not written by myself but a third party:

There is however a plasma TV with 2 decoders and a PS3 in there too, donated by a British guy who was on Interpol’s wanted list. Because of the venue there are more Locals in Rashidiya than the others. Bur Dubai has just been reopened after a refurbishment, again, no TV, limited phone access (or it was pre refurb) and a large open courtyard.

As I stated before, ALL the police stations are crazily over crowded, fights are a common occurrence, usually between Arabs, I, as a Brit, was never touched. The prisoners are responsible for the cleanliness of their own cell block, usually the foreman (himself a prisoner) orders the cleaning to be done on a daily basis. In some Police Stations there are washing machines and tumble driers for your clothes, in most there is a trough for you to wash by hand.

In most police stations you can order outside deliveries usually once or twice a week, be prepared to pay double, there’s a few bribes need to be paid. There is also a canteen shop that sells toiletries etc. again, be prepared to be ripped off.

In Central jail – this is just in the “out” jail i.e. sentences for 6 months or less, true Central for 6 months + is different. You arrive handcuffed in a bus with steel for windows and no emergency exits, you get taken in to a holding cell where you’re split into the ones who are in for more than 6 months are given their uniforms, all white with a stripe that indicates the time of the sentence, green or blue is less than a year, yellow 1-5 years and red 5 years +. After the Central guys have been taken then you get back on the bus and are taken to the out jail, which is on the other side of the complex, you go past the juveniles and the women’s jails, you’re taken out, names checked, cuffs removed and then you get your uniform and bedding, at the moment they give out 2 blankets, 1 to sleep on and 1 as a cover, you might get lucky and get a pillow too. These have been washed but are not new, you cannot wear anything that isn’t white, your wallet etc and all monies over AED300 is put into a safe – you can request more cash from your stash on a weekly basis (300 max). You then get strip searched by the guards – some seem to enjoy their job – and taken to another holding area or “amber” – dorm as they’re known. There are 8 ambers, each is a large common area with 2 dorms off to the side, each dorm has 96 bunks in sleeping 192 people so there are just under 400 beds. Problem is there are currently around 800 guys in each amber, so you’re on the floor in the common area. If your hair can be pinched you get it shaved, either by the prison barber or one of the inmates (for a fee) – clippers and shavers are both on sale. Don’t expect a Vidal Sassoon special, it’s over and done with in under a minute.

To be continued ....

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