Monday, March 18, 2019

Glad Rags

Yesterday I was invited for lunch by the Singapore International Culinary Exchange, or as it is better known SPICE. As some of you are aware I have been pretty much housebound recently soI was rather excited about this event which was held in Seven Sands at the World Trade Centre. It must be10 years since I was in the World Trade Centre. The traffic was a bit of a nightmare due to Gulfood taking place at the Exhibition Centre but I got there and met up with the Fooderati Twitterati, who all had fabulous flashy cameras and notepads, me being me had a small bright pink leather hand bag, an iPhone and a new lipstick.

We all took our places and were given a brief introduction to SPICE, which is "An international gastronomic initiative collaboratively fronted by International Enterprise Singapore, Singapore Tourism Board and SPRING Singapore. Its mission is to establish Singapore as a global innovative culinary capital and a must-visit food destination, raise international awareness of their most celebrated and exciting culinary names, and make Singapore food an integral part of the global food scene"

Singaporean Chef Haikal Johari and Jordanian cheft Khalel Mustafa went on to present us with some amazing food. Haikal started with a scallop carpaccion, with fois gras mousse and Yuzu foam, followed by Lamb with Rendang, Tamarind Jus and Spicey Cabbage followed by a Singapore Sling "deconstructed". I have never eaten Singaporean food before so this was a real treat for me, and it definitely won't be the last time I try out Singaporean food. I am on a one woman mission to find some small back street cafe as a comparison to five star fine dining with Chef Haikal. Chef Khalel Mustafa presented us with Pan-Seared Sea Bass and Prawns and "Kuay" pie tee.

The event was well organised, beautifully presented and I can safely say thoroughly enjoyed by all of us who attended it. Through SPICE I have a new passion in finding out more about Singapore and the culinary delights it has to offer, and I mean more than just opening a packet of noodles! Yet again there was no Dinner made that evening in CASA GA ...

I dedicate this article to @sally2hats @the_hedonista @inafryingpan @girleeannyen and the guy who isn't on Twitter, and if he does join can I suggest he uses the ID @notontwitter

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