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What an amazing month March turned out to be, we celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary for an entire week, starting of at Le Meridien Al Aqah and finishing at Al Maha Desert Resort and Spa, with a trip to Jumeirah Beach Hotel and Emirates Golf Club inbetween!!  The weather has finally broken and we are experiencing a rise in temperatures, it's no secret I prefer the hotter months over the cooler ones. It's Easter this month, so I hope the Easter Bunny is really kind to you all. Have a fabulous month wherever are you are.


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I recently visited the Pullman Mall of the Emirates Hotel to have a little look around for myself. We have previously eaten in Sanabel and I have recommended it to many people so now it was time to check out what is going on at the rooftop pool area.  The pool area itself is not overly big but there are two swimming pools side by side, some very comfortable sun loungers and a great view of the surrounding area.  One of the things I love about this hotel is that they have a poolside/health club menu that lists the calories of all their dishes which means if you are counting the calories you are in the right place! 

Their Sanctuary Spa area is just beautiful, the staff are attentive but not overly so which makes a change as I often find I feel harrassed into booking a treatment when I have been in other hotels.    One deal I did find though that I think is fabulous is their "Ultimate Ladies Spa Experience" which is valid on Mondays.  For just 300 dhs you can have a 30 minute spa treatment of your choice followed by a healthy three course lunch, if that isn't enough you have use of the sauna, steam room, jacuzzi and swimming pool with complimentary tea and coffee!!!

I will be reviewing other hotel pool areas in the coming months and have decided to list a few things which may help you decide which pool area to choose if you are planning a chill out day so here goes:

Entry - 150 Dhs

Club Sandwich - 50 dhs

Diet Coke - 18 dhs

Coffee - 18 dhs

Evian 100 cl - 30 dhs

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is to diet!  it's one of those things that we put the back of our minds or start one in January and then fall of the wagon before you even got the middle of the month. For the last four years (at least) I have not been happy with my physical appearance, you might think that odd considering the work I do with House of Colour but it's the truth. House of Colour gave me my confidence back to accept who I am as a woman but it didn't really stop me feeling fat.

The last few months have been lousy due to a back injury which I am not going to bore you all with, but it basically left me housebound.  On the 1st of September, I decided that enough was enough (again) and started on a diet.   I didn't do it alone I have been surrounded by a very special group of women who shall remain anonymous but they have all been fantastic.  I honestly don't believe you can do it on your own, you need to the support of family and friends to embark on what can sometimes be a miserable and disheartening time.

I dragged out all my Slimming World books, magazines and diet plan and started to concentrate on losing some weight.  The first month was tough and I got by with the aid of a curly wurly mosts nights which helped my sweet craving.  I no longer bother with that as my body is now used to having no chocolate, though I do have the odd nibble of some dark chocolate.  Anyway basically with alot of determination, coupled with a slight loss of appetite following a horrific experience with a needle, an Anaesthetist and a local hospital, I woke up a few weeks ago to find that I had reached my original goal weight loss, which was a 10 kg loss.

All I want to say is that YOU can do it if you WANT to do it, it won't be easy but if you really want to get back to the weight you were, sit yourself down and tell yourself that you will do it!!   One thing that kept me going was saying to myself when tempted, do you really want that pizza? or do you really want to be thin? the answer was the latter one.

Another good thing was that Nkd Pizza actually don't deliver in my area!!! (but if you do fancy one, they are the healthiest of the lot)

Good luck everyone YOU CAN DO IT!!


A few years ago I met, Chris Combe, via British Expats, he has written and self-published an e-book about his time in Dubai. He was offered a job as a Quantity Surveyor in the Construction Industry back in 2006 when things were probably at their peak. He took a chance, moved his wife and two young children over to Dubai. He only stayed for a year, but during that year he blogged regularly and that blogging spawned this book. It follows a familiar pattern of early amazement gradually being replaced by a realisation that Dubai isn’t exactly as advertised in the glossy magazines and brochures. Chris and his family experience all the good and bad bits of life in the Middle East. There are moments of humour and others that provide food for thought. Overall, the book is a good read for anyone who is thinking of coming to live in Dubai or the Middle East and also an interesting memoir for those who have experienced it themselves.

One Year In Wonderland: A True Tale of Expat Life in Dubai is available on Amazon (86p on UK or 99c US), and on Smashwords for those who prefer non-Kindle formats.

Available via Amazon in the United Kingdom and the United States and via Smashwords.

You can follow Chris on Twitter too @bighippychris

I was a teenager in the 80's, I hit the age of 15 just as we entered into one of the best musical decades of the last century, in my opinion of course most of us tend to prefer the decade that we were teenagers in.  Looking back on those teenage years now it has made me realise how much the music of that era has influenced me right through my life.

Taking myself back to one of my favourite artists of all time and the 70's, I remember watching this amazing man perform on stage, that man was Marc Bolan, he fascinated me with his corkscrew hair and eye liner. I think I was about ten at the time.  The fascination continued from the glam rock era into the early/mid 80's when my passion for men who were not afraid to share their feminine side so to say was totally indulged, David Bowie was huge; as he had been right through the 70's, I adored him thought he was amazing, it was through one of his videos that I came across Steve Strange, then later, Boy George, Marc Almond, Adam Ant.  They WERE the 80's with the odd rock band thrown in for good measure.  The mid eighties saw George Michael reach huge success, again I was in love! 

Obviously I took it upon myself to be a New Romantic and to this day still prefer the romantic style of dressing, though mastering it these days is harder than it was when I was a teenager!  I heard today that the man who in my opinion epitomises the New Romantic era is in town, the one and only front man of Visage, Steve Strange himself. He will never be strange to me, just a man who was true to himself in a decade where men were allowed to express themselves visually, emotionally and musically.  It is 30 years since my affair with men and make up began, it has been something that all my friends know and love me for, it is a standing joke at any event that I will always prefer the one in the guy liner.

Last night saw the start of This is England 88, a hard hitting drama about the 80's, having seen the movie and the first series This is England 86, I look forward to been thrown back into the 80's later this evening.  There are some characters in all these series that remind me of friends I had in the 80's.

Anyway whatever era is your era I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed mine. Good luck in Dubai Steve, you never were and never will be one man on a lonely platform ....


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Members of the local social media community based mostly in Dubai and Northern Emirates have pooled their resources to launch the first urban festival – TwingeDxb. Being organised by Sphere Events and hosted by the community’s favourite fusion restaurant, WildPeeta Open Spaces, the festival is scheduled to run every evening from 6pm between 10 and 16 December 2011.

Free to attend, like all community events, TwingeDxb will focus on the local cultural talent including arts, music, drama, comedy, fashion, books and movies. The backdrop of the event will feature the work of local painter, Noha Mourad and photographer, Catalin Marin, known better as @momentaryawe.

Festival founder, Sherif Abaza of Sphere Events said, “We have a lot of talent here and some of them just don’t have the resources to promote themselves. All of the work that will be displayed or performed will be original material. We also know that there are people in this community that are not aware of what is available locally and that they do not necessarily need to head internationally when it’s right here on the doorstep.”

The event launches with ‘Praise for Prose’ headlined by Alexander McNabb, author, Olives. It will also coincide with the second anniversary of the TwitBookClub. The line-up includes:

Dec 10

Prose and Reading Night featuring local writers Alexander McNabb, Frank Dullaghan, and Sultan al Darmaki supported by the local Twit Book Club

Dec 11

Rhythm sessions featuring Lauren Nieuwland, Gongsters and Sach Holden among others

Dec 12

Passion for Fashion featuring Sartori Sartori and Love Soni Jewellery

Dec 13

Laughter therapy featuring local standup comedians from Dubomedy featuring Ali Al Sayed, Mina Liccione, Andrew Reynolds, Omar Ismail, Ismail Seddiqui and Salman Qureshi

Dec 14

Drama in Dubai featuring short sketches from some of the local dramatists and variety entertainers We Are Firestorm

Dec 15

Magic of Poetry featuring recitations from the poets of the local Poeticians Society

Dec 16

Reels of Dubai featuring some of the local artists' short films from Shahid Azam, Faisal Hashemi and Beno Zaradzic acclaimed Time Lapse of Abu Dhabi


You can get more information by connecting with the organisers on Twitter, Facebook or their website.

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