Monday, March 18, 2019


Well anyone who knows me won't be surprised to see this one the first one to be mentioned! I am a massive fan of House of Colour. It is nearly two years ago since I had my colour analysis done with House of Colour and I have never looked back. Not only did it change me personally I later went on to work with Janet and in the last 18 months, together we have expanded the Dubai branch of House of Colour and have joined the ranks of Arte (more about that later), selling the fabulous jewellery that Janet makes.

Anyone who is sceptical about this needs to think again, grab the bull by the horns and go and and have an analysis done. Anything that makes you feel good has got to be a good thing! Here is the link for the facebook page, and also the link for their Head Office in the UK which lists all the Agents globally

It's no secret that Toffee Princess is a friend of mine and we share a passion for cooking and social media! We met via House of Colour and I honestly don't know how our paths hadn't crossed before. Now here is the best bit, she makes the most fantastic traditional Scottish sweet known as Tablet, and she is so good she does lots of different flavours too!! Looking for a gift with a difference, then look no further than some hand-made Tablet. Toffee Princess is always at the Times Square Arte event. Planning an event or need favours? then this Princess will help you out. or follow her on Twitter @toffeeprincess

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