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Online retailing in the UAE has hit the virtual world with a bang in the last few years, however one of them stands out from the rest. Emirates Avenue yet again are the leaders in their field and are now offering a repair service to EVERYONE, their products are covered under manufacturer and their own warranty so no worries there, so this service is open to anyone who has an iPhone, iPad or any other geeky gadget that needs repairing.

Pick up and delivery of the "sick" gadget is free, there is a charge for the actual repair but they won't go ahead with the repair until they have your approval. All geeky gadgets are returned fully charged as well. You simply pay cash when the "healthy" gadget is returned. What more can you want? I have added the link here for you, I suggest you save it to your favourites.

With the festive season approaching I suggest you browse their site, you can find plenty of amazing little gadgets and gizmos that will no doubt cheer up anyone, from showerheads that light upin the dark (I have got one), to Jedi night lights, you will find something for the special person in your life.

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Happy shoppingin the comfort of your home, delivered to your door!!


Birthday's are always a time to celebrate and today is no different. One of the great functions that we have on facebook is that lovely notification that reminds us of forthcoming Birthdays. Well a few days ago I was notified of a Birthday that is taking place today and felt that the Birthday Boy in question deserved a special mention, he has a very important job, one that makes us all very very happy. Yes it is Chris Perry's Birthday today, and for those of you who don't recognise the name Chris is the General Manager at Wild Wadi Waterpark. A VERY important man indeed!!

Some would think this a cushy number but I know for a fact that Chris works really long hours, has very difficult challenges to confront on a daily basis and manages, along with his team literally hundreds of staff.

Happy Birthday Chris from all of us, and thank you for keeping Wild Wadi wonderful!!

Chris shares his Birthday with another special little person, Happy 1st Birthday to Maya Crane!! I don't have to tell you how special you are to your Mummy and Daddy, the twitterati were around to follow your Mum right through pregnancy and the special day you came into their lives.

To everyone sharing a Birthday today I wish you all very Happy Birthday.


If you are partial to preserves you are going to love Well Preserved. Two of my lovely talented friends have teamed up together to launch Well Preserved, an amazing collection of hand-made preserves, using only fresh produce to create a tantalizing range of high quality jams, jellies, marmalades, relishes and chutney.

Keren and Jenny both have full time careers but their love of making preserves lead them to deciding to launch Well Preserved this weekend at the monthly Arte Event at Times Square. I have been fortunate enough over recent months to be able to test their range as they have spent time experimenting and perfecting their range.

The range will be seasonal, according to availability of produce but currently includes Apricot Jam, Cherry jam (heaven), Blackberry & Apple Jam, Three Fruit Marmalade, Apple Jelly (my favourite), Sweet Chilli Jelly, Onion Marmalade, Date and Orange Chutney, Mango Chutney and Mint Relish.

Well Preserved will be celebrating their launch this Friday (9th Sept) at Arte, Times Square from 12 Noon til 7 pm. I would like to wish them both all the success they deserve, this exquisite collection of handmade preserves has been created with love, passion and dedication.

Congratulations Keren and Jenny I hope your future is Well Preserved ...

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We all know that one of the secrets of taking good care of our skin is hydration, we MUST keep our skin continuously hydrated especiallyas we are living the harsh climate of the UAE. On and off for as long as I can remember I have tried various different skin creams in various different price ranges. I no longer bother with the top end stuff as I find that the results it gives (if any) are rarely any different to the lower end price ranges like Ponds and Olay.

One product that have gone back to over and over again which really suits my skin is Boots No 7 Intensive MoistureFace Mask. This rich creamy pump action mask is superb. You can apply and leave on,then wipe off after ten minutes or use it as I have been, by applying a thin layer and leaving it overnight. It smells divine and you will see the results. Fine lines that appear on our skin around our eye areas and foreheadare often due to dehydration as opposed to anti-ageing, and all we need to do to reduce these lines is toadd moisture back into our bodies viaincreasing our water intakeor super hydrating products like this one. I have noticed a visible difference to my skin in just two weeks.

Available at Bootsit can often be found as part of their buy one get one free offer, this is a MUST for all you ladies out there who are conscious about keepingyour skin well moisturised.


Taken from Paul Abbott's critically acclaimed, offbeat drama about the rollercoaster lives and loves of the dysfunctional Gallagher clan, Shameless. One of the best dramas to hit our screens in the last 10 years.

They say you shouldn't judge books by covers and you shouldn't,
but people with nothing don't have to be nothing you know,
and by the same token people with something aren't necessarily something,
Lots of folk love the queen and the royal family, they think they're nice
they've got all those houses, palaces and estates, s**t loads of cash and jewels;
and yet they still hold out gloved hands for more,
and yet you can go travelling and meet some of the poorest people on earth and they will tear their last piece of bread in half to share with you,
don't presume that someone is nice just because they look nice,
and don't presume someone is a k**bhead just because they look like a k**bhead,
don't care about the way people look but care about what they do,
it's actions not appearances, and if you're not nice one way or another somehow you will burn

Shameless 2011
(closing Speech Series 8 Episode 15)

Dedicated to Derek and Mark


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