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A couple of weeks ago I was invited to an event hosted by Ponds Arabia at the Kempinski Hotel. I have always been fascinated by the the Cosmetic Industry and if I am totally honest would loved to have worked in this field, but alas it was never to be.

Mitten and I headed over to the Kempinksi Hotelto meet Team Ponds and their wonderful Dermatologist, Dr Lillian Khan. The Ponds People not to be confused with Pans People, who were a dance troupe in the 70's, certainly know their stuff when it comes to skin care. They have the most amazing skin analyzing machine which takes a picture of your skin and determines what state of "health" it is in, checking for fine lines, hydration and sun damage. Very impressive. After a consultation with Merlin one of their fully trained Representatives it was decided that the Gold Radiance range is best suited to my skin type. I am currently trialling this range and will be reporting back with the outcome.

The good news however is that this service isn't just available to those who were lucky enough to be invited to the event, you can avail of it free of charge at Carrefour in either Mall of the Emirates or Deira City Centre. Take some time out to go and have your skin assessed, I am sure you won't regret it.

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First day of Atilla's holidays and were up at 6.30 am prompt, showered and ready and up at the Dubai 92 studios by 7.45 am!!! Why? I was getting the pleasure of waxing Catboy's legs. Did he deserve it? yes? Those of you who follow both of us on Twitter will know that he has over the last couple of years peristently ribbed me about my age, and trust me revenge is sweet and it will take place later this year when he turns 40.

Anyway back to the task in hand. In an attempt to get more likes on his and GeordieBird's fan page he set the challenge that ifthey had 1000 likes by Thursday morning last week he would get his legs waxed. Little did he realise the power of sharing pages on facebook and everyone went to town on both facebook and twitter to ensure that they would listen to him having his legs waxed live on air. This was too good an opportunity for me to miss, I had to be one of the listeners to do the deed and inflict the pain!!

It didn't happen last week, he was down with the dreaded lurgy, but this morning he dragged himself into the studios where were able to record the experience live on air. It was great fun and well worth the early start to the day.

There will be a video going up later on their blog site. Catboy you took it like a man, and thanks for letting me be there to witness the entire experience live!! You were such a good sport you let me do it twice!! God help Geordiebird if they hit the 1500 by this Thursday!

From the minute you drive past the personalised Cadillacs lined up outside the Jumeirah Beach Hotel you know you are go to experience something special, something magical. The Bell Boys in their fabulous co-ordinated attire are buzzing to help, always with a smile on their face.

Last weekend I stepped into the foyer of this magical haven for a much needed weekend break. I was greeted with a smile from the lovely Swapnil, the Duty Manager and whisked off to my room for an express check in. Imagine my delight to find I had been upgraded to a Club Room and there on the table right infront of my Burj Al Arab view was a box of Godiva Chocolates, a massive fruit basket and a bottle of something red. Could things get any better? yes, the door bell rang and in came a bouquet of my favourite flowers. It's the little things like this that really make a girl happy.

Once you check into Jumeirah Beach Hotel you are entitled to an array of various different benefits for the duration of your stay, Wild Wadi of course being a major attraction when you are spending your weekend with a particularly active 7 year old. We wasted no time and headed off to Wild Wadi, which you all read about a couple of days ago. A few hours of being scared half to death later we headed back to the family pool and the Sinbad's Kids Club (every Mothers dream). Mitten loves Sinbad's, it's safe, overstaffed and has excellent facilities including a small, shallow swimming pool for the toddlers.

As we had a Club room were were now to enjoy the benefits of being able to use the Premium Leisure Club which is basically a small hotel inside the main hotel if that makes sense. It has fabulous children's facilities, computers, play area, face painting etc. For the grown ups there is a complimentary bar with cocktails and canapes pre dinner and an afternoon tea available from 3 - 5 pm each day. The Premium Leisure Club has an amazing gym (I didn't use it, no surprises there), and access to the Excutive Swimming Pool, which is beautifully located on the beach right near my favourite Dubai icon, The Burj al Arab.

We dined at the Dhow and Anchor that evening, but I am not going to go on about that too much as they really do deserve an article all of their own. Suffice to say they serve the best Fish and Chips and Steak and Ale Pie in the UAE and that's a fact.

Following a good nights sleep in a bed fit for a Princess with a Godiva chocolate each on our pillow we were up with larks and watched the sun slowly light up the magnificent view we had from our window. Then the best treat of all, Breakfast at Latitude!! if you haven't had a Jumeirah breakfast, then simply you haven't lived. The breakfast buffet is the biggest buffet set up in terms of sheer size and the volume of choice that I have ever seen in a hotel. Mitten indulged in the chocolate fountain, how decadent is that!!

Suffice to say we repeated everything all over again and were sad when Saturday came so quickly and we were checking out of Heaven and heading home, I can't complain though, not everyone can see the Burj al Arab from their villa, but I can!

I want to thank the Jumeirah Group for being who they are, for making my weekend such a magical experience, and especially for Staying Different ....

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Team Kodak asked me to take a look at their new Digital Photo Frame, the Kodak Pulse. Being slightly technophobic when it comes to gadgets I was a bit apprehensive. However I had absolutely no need to be, I managed without the assistance from the male of species, who seriously do think they are superior when it come to gadgets to successfully set up, and install a library of pictures on this amazing little device. I say little it is actually a 7 inch touch screen which is ample big enough for my amazing collection of professionally taken photos .....

Enough said on that the better. Getting back to the Pulse, this is a digital photo frame with a difference. Basically you take it out of the box, switch it on,register your personal e mail ID with Kodak, at, head to your photo albums and load them straight onto the Pulse. You can also uploadalbums your facebook account, kodak gallery and even your smart phone, once you have set up your Kodak Pulse account. The Pulse is easily connected via WiFi, making uploading an absolute doddle.

Once the pictures are uploaded you can actually personalise the screen to display the albums in various different settings. I particularly liked the scrapbook option and the time delay slideshow.

Here is when things get particularly good, as expats we are always relying on the internet to keep in touch with our families. What I plan to do is to buy one as a gift for my Mother in the UK, that way I can send her a weekly photo album of what Mitten has been getting up to during the week, every week, and it will onlytake me about 5 minutes to do.

They say a photosays athousand words, they are so right! Well done to Kodak for coming out with such a user friendly digital frame that can be safely used by even the female of the species! I also hear that it is available with a 10 inch screen, for the men folk ....

Kodak Middle East are on both Twitter and Facebook

It was the end of term and there is no better way to celebrate than to check into my favourite hotel for a weekend of luxury and pampering, which just happens to be adjoined to the best Water Park in the UAE, yes you guessed it Wild Wadi!

Seeing as I was residing I thought there was no better time to invite my two pals along to enjoy a full day off, a luxury the three of us rarely have. So off we went, three Mums and three kids, into Wild Wadi. The extremely lovely manager who we shall call Mr America for the purpose of this article, decided to let us go posh and very kindly gave us one of their Cabana's for the day. What ensued during the day no one was expecting. First of all the lovely Danny the DJ got hold of our Twitter ID's and we started hearing our namesbeing blastedright through the entire park.

Girls being girls we did the girlie sort of things you would expect, for the sake of Mr America I will not recount them in this article. Just think lycra, men, and hysterical women and you will get the idea. The kids were happily racing around like they had recently been injected with a huge dose of sugar, so we lady folk took a quick dip in the lazy river. Following this we decided to try out the new Burj Surj family ride, the kids went ahead of us, their screams echoing down the ride. We three took the next "dinghy" and headed down after them, we screamed louder than they did, trust me!! the one that is famous for the toffee literally shook for the next half an hour and she who sells the silver was nearly stunned to silence!! (note I said nearly). Twenty minutes in the wave pool calmed us all down!!

Another treat was install for us! yes we were going to try out Fisho!! Well some of us were .... you will find the pics of that little escapade here(Catboy andGeordie Bird fan page). The one that sells the Toffee, like me is a complete wimp and couldn't do it, the one who sells the silver was straight in there with Mr America having a whale of a time. There are 5000 garra ruffa fish in the tank who quite happily nibble off all that dead skin!! We must at this point personally thank the Belhabal Group for this amazing attraction at Wild Wadi.

I learnt lots of new things about Wild Wadi yesterday, did you know they were the first waterpark in the world to interconnect all their rides and go totally cashless? well they were. Nine million litres of water a day is pushed around the park!! and yesterday they went through 80 kgs of onions!!

As I have said before of all good establishments it is the staff who make the place what it is, and each and everyone of the 500 colleagues who run the place (from 44 different countries) should be applauded for their dedication to the customers who visit the park each day. One special mention must go to the lovely Archie who looked after us so well all day, Archie you rock!!!

If you fancy a day out with the girls then look no further than Wild Wadi, it's fab and you don't have to do your hair!!! and if you don't want to share your wobbly bits you can do it on ladies night!

Dedicated to the Toffee One, and the Silver One


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