Monday, February 18, 2019

Penny Pincher

Last week I was quite happily tweeting sweet nothings and checking my twitter followers when I found that I had a new follower, going under the name of @i_shopaholic. There are two things that enjoy alot, one is my iPhone which I am definately addicted to, the other is shopping! Can you imagine the delight I experienced when further investigation revealed that @i_shopaholic was an iPhone application for shopaholics!! Downloaded it in two seconds flat at absolutley NO cost whatsoever and started browsing through the application to see how it worked.

It is simply quite amazing and it will save me a fortune! Listed are the twelve top Malls in Dubai, you click on the Mall you are intending to visit or if you have roaming, whilst you are actually in the Mall, and the application lists all the stores that currently have in-store promotions. If you can't locate the store, no problem, there are floor plans for every mall as well. You can also click onto the store to find out more details about their current promotion and future promotions as well.

You don't have to be a Dubai resident to take advantage of this one. If you are planning a visit to Dubai the @i_shopaholic application is perfect, it will tell you which Mall is closest to your Hotel and even provide you with a Google Earth Map to show you exactly where it is.

Don't despair my Blackberry lovers, it's coming your way soon!

We have visited the Dubai Outlet Mall twice this year already and I can see me being a regular visitor in the future. When it first opened I wasn't overly impressed with the stock and felt that alot of it was more than one season out of date. The last two visits have been more than financially worth our while though.

The Mall is located out on the Al Ain Road, it is about a 25 minute run from new Dubai, way closer if you are at the Arabian Ranches or Mirdif. There is plenty of parking and access is really easy. What I particularly like is the fact that restaurants and food court aren't mobbed and that you can walk round the Mall at leisure.

You will see every brand that you see in all the Malls here, and some new ones too, there are over 200 outlets. We were lucky today in The White Company and got a single quilt cover which was reduced from 385 dhs, to 115 dhs, an a pair of pillow cases that were 572 dhs for 56 dhs! (we have very big strange pillows on our bed). There were pillow cases starting at 10 dhs, 90% discount on their original price.

Don't expect to go up there and find an amazing choice, you won't. Shoes and clothes are in limited sizes but it definately is worth a trip out there a couple of times a year, especially if you like designer brands.

If you shop during the week, Sunday to Wednesday, take your receipt (100 dhs) to the customer services desk where you can claim a free coffee! (not sure whether this is valid during DSF)

Happy shopping!

It recently dawned on me that I live in a City that is quite famous for one thing, well apart from being the biggest of everything, yes you guessed, it's shopping. Come to Dubai and shop til you drop. Why bother, I ask myself everything is overpriced, and half the stock in the Department Stores is out of date by at least a season. I seriously believe that multinational chains send over their out of date stock for a joke to pass onto us cocooned expats.

Thursday was a very busy day for my iPhone, she must have received in the region of 30 text messages from retailers who claim to love her and want to share their Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) experience with her. Of course she is a very clever iPhone and has deleted all her "love" messages. In the honour of a true shopper however, I headed out to the Mall on Saturday to see if there were any genuine bargains out there. If you want a flat screen telly then head to Carrefour, they are breeding them in there ....

I do find that DSF is really handy if you need a free kitchen appliance, yes spend 5000 dhs and get an iron for 39 dhs free, who can resist?

When DSF launched way back in 1996 it was, in my opinion a genuine shopping festival, with huge discounts and people did wait for the festival to start before making a major purchase. These days if you are after a few discounted bath towels in last years colours then DSF is just the event for you.

Biella Ristorante has always been a favourite of mine, my love affair with all things Biella started when I used to work at Wafi City many moons ago!! (they do a wicked mushroom soup!) When I was at Arte yesterday at Times Square, Biella were advertising a Full English Breakfast, with coffee, tea or juice for just 23 dhs! Obviously there are no pork items as pork can only be served in 5 Star establishments, but I have to say the picture looked rather tempting! You can avail this offer daily from 9 til 11.30 am. You are hard pushed these day to grab a coffee and a croissant for 23 dhs never mind a breakfast. However, I am not sure if this offer is available at their other outlets around Dubai so if you are thinking about trying one of their other outlets it might be worth giving them a call first.

Damn this diet ...

Something new that has appeared in the UAE in recent months has been the introduction of discount vouchers, which are printed on the back of your supermarket receipts, remember to keep them and read through the offers that are available. Today at Aswaaq as well as accruing some more points on my Wafa Card I have also been offered an array of different special offers around town too:

Build a Bear - buy one furry friend and get 50% discount off the second (handy if you have two kidlets)

Ski Dubai - free chairlift ride on admission purchase

Kodak Express - pay for 25 digital prints, get 25 free

DNATA - 10% off Hotel Stays and 5% off Airline Tickets

Hormuz Tourism - Buy one get one free on their Desert Safari, Dhow Cruise, Abu Dhabi Tour and Al Ain Tour

Rainbow Play - 15% off playgrounds for your garden

Not bad offers for simply filling your shopping trolley with weekly essentials.


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