Monday, March 25, 2019

Penny Pincher

It recently dawned on me that I live in a City that is quite famous for one thing, well apart from being the biggest of everything, yes you guessed, it's shopping. Come to Dubai and shop til you drop. Why bother, I ask myself everything is overpriced, and half the stock in the Department Stores is out of date by at least a season. I seriously believe that multinational chains send over their out of date stock for a joke to pass onto us cocooned expats.

Thursday was a very busy day for my iPhone, she must have received in the region of 30 text messages from retailers who claim to love her and want to share their Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) experience with her. Of course she is a very clever iPhone and has deleted all her "love" messages. In the honour of a true shopper however, I headed out to the Mall on Saturday to see if there were any genuine bargains out there. If you want a flat screen telly then head to Carrefour, they are breeding them in there ....

I do find that DSF is really handy if you need a free kitchen appliance, yes spend 5000 dhs and get an iron for 39 dhs free, who can resist?

When DSF launched way back in 1996 it was, in my opinion a genuine shopping festival, with huge discounts and people did wait for the festival to start before making a major purchase. These days if you are after a few discounted bath towels in last years colours then DSF is just the event for you.

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