Monday, March 18, 2019

Penny Pincher

Last week I was quite happily tweeting sweet nothings and checking my twitter followers when I found that I had a new follower, going under the name of @i_shopaholic. There are two things that enjoy alot, one is my iPhone which I am definately addicted to, the other is shopping! Can you imagine the delight I experienced when further investigation revealed that @i_shopaholic was an iPhone application for shopaholics!! Downloaded it in two seconds flat at absolutley NO cost whatsoever and started browsing through the application to see how it worked.

It is simply quite amazing and it will save me a fortune! Listed are the twelve top Malls in Dubai, you click on the Mall you are intending to visit or if you have roaming, whilst you are actually in the Mall, and the application lists all the stores that currently have in-store promotions. If you can't locate the store, no problem, there are floor plans for every mall as well. You can also click onto the store to find out more details about their current promotion and future promotions as well.

You don't have to be a Dubai resident to take advantage of this one. If you are planning a visit to Dubai the @i_shopaholic application is perfect, it will tell you which Mall is closest to your Hotel and even provide you with a Google Earth Map to show you exactly where it is.

Don't despair my Blackberry lovers, it's coming your way soon!

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