Monday, March 25, 2019

Penny Pincher

There are two good reasons to buy Time Out this week. Firstly there is a Twitter article and yours truly gets a mention and secondly there are loads of buy one get one free vouchers in an easy pull out section in the middle.

One particularly good offer is the one that Prime Gourmet Butchers have, it is buy a kilo of ribeyesteak, sausage, beefburgers, and get a kilo free. Prime Gourmet is part of the Butcher's Grill group and we all know how fabulous their steaks are. Prime Gourmet Butchers are located at the Gold and Diamond Park, right opposite the Metro Station. We were there today and bought 500 dhs of meat and only paid 250 dhs. From ribeye steaks to wagyu beef sausage and lamb and rosemary sausages, our freezer is now full! The Butchers who work there are really nice guys and I promised them I would give them a shout on here.

If you don't take them up on this offer you must be mad! enjoy!

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