Monday, March 25, 2019

Penny Pincher

A few years ago I met, Chris Combe, via†British Expats, he†has written and self-published an e-book about his time in Dubai. He was offered a job as a Quantity Surveyor in the Construction Industry back in 2006 when things were probably at their peak. He took†a chance, moved his wife and two young children over to Dubai. He only stayed for a year, but during that year he blogged regularly and that blogging spawned this book. It follows a familiar pattern of early amazement gradually being replaced by a realisation that Dubai isnít exactly as advertised in the glossy magazines and brochures. Chris and his family experience all the good and bad bits of life in the Middle East. There are moments of humour and others that provide food for thought. Overall, the book is a good read for anyone who is thinking of coming to live in Dubai or the Middle East and also an interesting memoir for those who have experienced it themselves.

One Year In Wonderland: A True Tale of Expat Life in Dubai is available on Amazon (86p on UK or 99c US), and on Smashwords for those who prefer non-Kindle formats.

Available via Amazon in the United Kingdom and the United States and via Smashwords.

You can follow Chris on Twitter too @bighippychris

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