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It all started on the Wednesday afternoon after school with the comment "I feel really hot and tired", followed by sleeping for the rest of the day which is totally unusual for my child, she barely sleeps at night never mind an afternoon as well. Next day we headed to one of the local clinics to be told she had an Upper Respiratory Tract Infection and was given the relevant medication. Four days later no change and she was still coughing, I just KNEW something wasn't right. I had an appointment that day for Physiotherapy at the Medcare Clinic on the Beach Road and knew there was a Paediatrician there, so off we headed.

Having worked in the NHS for sometime I am not in awe of Doctors, nor do I believe everything they tell me, they are after all just humans that chose a very important profession, but I do believe there has to be a special something to make someone want to be a Doctor, particularly a Paediatrician. Before we went into to see Dr Hady we had a little weigh in and check of the temperature which was a bit high, Mitten was immediately given something to get it down. We then went into see Dr Hady who had Mitten on his side as soon as she saw the free lollies, a must when working with children! She was totally compliant to his requests. A full history was given, a full examination was done and were sent down to the Medcare Hospital for a Chest x-ray, Dr Hady already suspecting that pneumonia may well be the diagnosis. The lollie obviously had been eaten by this time.

Once we got back to the clinic the x-ray was checked it was confirmed that Mitten did infact have pneumonia. Shocked? yes so was I! I couldn't have wished for better treatment though, Dr Hady organised blood tests and immediate injections of antibiotics, with an array of drugs that had Mitten up and running in no time!!

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Dr Hady to anyone who has children, he is a lovely man with a genuine passion for the field he works in. Trust me, I have a gut instinct for this kind of thing.

Thank you Dr Hady for everything you did for little Mitten we truly are grateful.


As most of you are aware I am a big supporter of women in business in the UAE, it's tough setting up a business anywhere in the World but I think it's a bit tougher when you are a female of the species in a Middle Eastern Country.

It's with great pleasure that another young lady has launched a new business right here in Dubai but as it's an online business she can deliver anywhere in the UAE, free!!! I first came across the site on Twitter where Tanya, the enthusiastic owner of Party Souq asked me to do a write up on her new venture. Party Souq currently has more than 2000 items available from an extensive range of party themed supplies. There is everything for a perfect party from Birthdays to Easter and with Valentines Day just around the corner there are some fabulous valentine party packs.

We all have a reason to celebrate something every year, and now we don't have to trail around the shops trying to find the perfect theme, at the click of a finger Party Souq will take over!!!

Congratulations Tanya, I am pretty sure you have a huge success on your hands.

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It has been many years since we had been on The Bateaux Dubai for one reason or another but shortly after Christmas I saw a promotion for High Tea on board with a short cruise up and down the Creek. As it was a day time event, and suitable for families I decided it was worthy of investigation.

On Saturday we headed down to the Creek, just before 3 pm and boarded The Bateaux Dubai, we were greeted by Imran who had a huge smile on his face and three mocktails in his hand! they were mango, orange and lychee syrup, divine!! If you do decide to do the Cruise make sure you bring a few dirhams for the parking meter, it is free until 4 pm.

Mitten headed up to the Upper Deck and a had a great time on the bean bag cushions. As other families arrived we made our way into the cabin of the boat, it is beautiful, light and airy with air conditioning, not such an issue in January but later in the year it will be a blessing.

As we prepared to set sail, Imran came and poured us water followed by tea/coffee, then along came the three tier cake holder with an array of sandwiches and cakes, the lemon meringue pie was fabulous. This was followed by two scones perfectly placed in their own holder with clotted cream, jam and marmalade. We were also presented with some fabulous fruit sweets and little coloured biscuits, Mitten was well impressed, just as well as neither of us were planning sharing our scones!! By this time we had set sail, the guitarist on board was playing that old favourite, by Rod Stewart, We are Sailing, made us laugh but it set the ambience all the same. Our champagne glasses had been filled and we raised a toast to 2012, the setting was perfect.

We headed up the Creek, with little dhows and abras winding their way across the creek, doing their daily business. Mitten went back up to the bean bags for the last fifteen minutes, and we eventually arrived back at the shore just before 4.30 pm.

The Manager on board made a point of coming and speaking to all the guests asking for their feedback on their experience, he told me with enthusiasm that any guest who wanted to alter the food they had received or add to it only had to speak up, it was at this point that I had wished he had mentioned this before I had halved the lemon meringue pie with my husband and before we were about to disembark!!

A fabulous experience that will be repeated as soon as Nanna Armani arrives in the land of sand, this time I won't forget to request the extra lemon meringue pie!!

You can find out more about Bateaux Dubai and their High Tea Cruises here.

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It's Christmas Eve and my site is snowing, that Hinge is a miracle worker when it comes to all things technical, what can I say she is the brains ....

Anyway with less than 24 hours until Christmas Day I know that many of you will be running around town panicking like lunatics getting in last minute bits and pieces for tomorrow. I just wanted to pop in and wish you all a very Merry Christmas. I hope you have a super time and that Father Christmas is very generous to you and your loved ones.

Christmas isn't always a happy time and my thoughts are with those of you who will be missing loved ones this year, they will be watching from above I promise.

Love GA

Here is a little message from Mr Wild Peeta himself ....

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Thank you so much. Please share. Every vote counts. Help us represent the UAE!


Wild Peeta

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I recently visited the Pullman Mall of the Emirates Hotel to have a little look around for myself. We have previously eaten in Sanabel and I have recommended it to many people so now itwas time to check out what is going on at the rooftop pool area. The pool area itself is not overly big but there are two swimming pools side by side, some very comfortable sun loungers and a great view of the surrounding area. One of the things I love about this hotel is that they have a poolside/health club menu that lists the calories of all their dishes which means if you are counting the calories you are in the right place!

Their Sanctuary Spa area is just beautiful, the staff are attentive but not overly so which makes a change as I often find I feel harrassed into booking a treatment when I have been in other hotels. One deal I did find though that I think is fabulous is their "Ultimate Ladies Spa Experience" which is valid on Mondays. For just 300 dhs you can have a 30 minute spa treatment of your choice followed by a healthy three course lunch, if that isn't enough you have use of the sauna, steam room, jacuzzi and swimming pool with complimentary tea and coffee!!!

I will be reviewing other hotel pool areas in the coming months and have decided to lista few things which may help you decide which pool area to choose if you are planning a chill out day so here goes:

Entry - 150 Dhs

Club Sandwich - 50 dhs

Diet Coke - 18 dhs

Coffee - 18 dhs

Evian 100 cl - 30 dhs

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I was a teenager in the 80's, I hit the age of 15 just as we entered into one of the best musical decades of the last century, in my opinion of course most of us tend to prefer the decade that we were teenagers in. Looking back on those teenage years now it has made me realise how much the music of that era has influenced me right through my life.

Taking myself back to one of my favourite artists of all time and the 70's, I remember watching this amazingman perform on stage, that man was Marc Bolan, he fascinated me with his corkscrew hair and eye liner. I think I was about ten at the time. The fascination continuedfrom theglam rock era into the early/mid 80's when my passion for men who were not afraid to share their feminine side so to say was totally indulged, David Bowie was huge; as he had been right through the 70's, I adored him thought he was amazing, it was through one of his videos that I came across Steve Strange, then later, Boy George, Marc Almond, Adam Ant. They WERE the 80's with the odd rock band thrown in for good measure. The mid eighties saw George Michael reach huge success, again I was in love!

Obviously I took it upon myself to be a New Romantic and to this day still prefer the romantic style of dressing, though mastering it these days is harder than it was when I was a teenager! I heard today that the man who in my opinion epitomises the New Romantic era is in town, the one and only front man of Visage, Steve Strange himself. He will never be strange to me, just a man who was true to himself in a decade where men were allowed to express themselves visually, emotionally and musically.It is 30 years since my affairwith men and make up began, it has been something that all my friends know and love me for, it is a standing joke at any event that I will always prefer the one in the guy liner.

Last night saw the start of This is England 88, a hard hitting drama about the 80's, having seen the movie and the first series This is England 86, I look forward to been thrown back into the 80's later this evening. There are some characters in all these series that remind me of friends I had in the 80's.

Anyway whatever era is your era I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed mine. Good luck in Dubai Steve, you never were and never will be one man on a lonely platform ....


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