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My lovely friends at Emirates Avenue have been working behind the scenes on a rather special new venture that is dedicated to the furry and feathered friends we have in our lives. The UAE's first online petstore!  It's super duper!  got all the different brands of cat and dog food including Royal Canin, PetStages, Hills, Drinkwell, Kennel Aire, Soop Free and Frolicat.  There are some fabulous toys for your cats and dogs, infact my child would like some of them!!!

Ooh there is a fabulous section on cat and dog furniture! the water fountains are fabulous!  the water rotates 360 degrees so stays nice and fresh, think Radley might be scared of that!

Delivery is free if your order is up 3kg and delivered to the door within 24 hours of ordering.  I am off to put an order in now!!


My imaginary love affair with George Michael started way back in 1981 when he and Andrew Ridgely became household names with their upbeat, boyish duo, Wham.  Right through the 80's George was questioned about his sexuality but was regularly seen entertaining beautiful ladies, and even claimed to have a long term relationship with the model who appeared in his solo single "I want your Sex".   However he did eventually admit, after his Mother passed away that he was infact gay and the global media went into hysterics, and tried to destroy his career. I have no idea why, it didn't affect his fan base or record sales for that matter in anyway, but it must have been hard for him to cope with from a personal point of view.

In April 1998 he was arrested in Beverley Hills and charged with "engaging in a lewd act", the press again were out in droves to discredit him. He retaliates with a new single called "Outside", basically mocking the police and the circumstances in which he was arrested.  The album went onto sell over 9 million copies world wide.

In July 2006, George Michael was again arrested and charged with another sexual offence.  Global Media went into overdrive hysteria.

George was arrested and charged with possession of drugs various times, but the most dramatic one was when he was charged in August 2009 with "possession of cannabis and with driving while unfit through drink or drugs". On this occasion he had managed to crash his car into the front of a local shop.  He received a custodial sentence and served 4 weeks at High Point prison in Suffolk.

At this time I think the press really did think they had managed to damage his character and career permanently.  Well little did they know that George would turn it all around to his favour and in the spirit of Comic Relief appears in a sketch with Britain's favourite comic, James Corden. A sketch that would raise millions, which has currently had 866,939 hits and rising on you tube.  His new single, True Faith a cover by New Order is also in aid of Comic Relief.

Quite simply, the man a genuis, how many stars could get themselves into this much trouble and end up coming out if it smelling of roses?

If you haven't seen the Comic Relief sketch, please do google it, you will see the man behind the name.


It is 20 years since BurJuman first opened its doors to the hungry shoppers of Dubai, one of the first Malls to be built, if memory serves me right its Sister Mall Al Ghurair City was the first, however I could be wrong on that but I do remember visiting it in the 80's.

Back to BurJuman, following an absence of about two years we headed down to BurJuman last weekend, to see the hats, have some lunch and generally get ourselves reaquainted with a Mall which had been a second home to us when we lived in Mankhool.

Access into BurJuman is easy now that the Metro is actually complete and all the roads are open and free flowing, it took us just over 20 minutes to get down there, however it was a Friday and the roads are alot quieter.   BurJuman has two parts to it, the original mall and the new extension.  Both uniquely different but sharing the same "feel", warm, welcoming and relaxed.

The food court in the new extenson to the Mall is absolutely fantastic, the best food court in Dubai, it really does take fine dining in a shopping Mall to another level.  The architecture is fabulous, I can't explain it to you, you just have to go down and experience it yourself.  We has lunch at Cafe Spasso which was brilliant.

So many of us are now living in the "new Dubai" area of town and don't take the time to go and explore what real Dubai has to offer, BurJuman is one of Dubai's best kept little secrets.

Visit, you won't be disappointed


Do you believe in fate? that sometimes you are just meant to meet someone? Well this happened to me this weekend when I met the wonderful Philip Wright from Walter Wright Milliners.

I initially met Philip on Friday at BurJuman, we had popped in to see the hats on display and have a bite of lunch. We chatted briefly went on or way.  That night I kept thinking about Philip so this morning I got in the car and headed down to Burjuman where we chatted for two hours!!  I could have stayed all day if I am totally honest.

Anyway Philip is a Milliner, a fourth generation Milliner to be exact, in 1889 his Great Grandparents set up Walter Wright Milliners at Albion Road, Luton, where operations are still run to this day.  You would think that it was a natural progression for Philip to work in this business but that was not infact the case, Philip joined the family business after a spell as he puts it as a "suit".  I would imagine thousands of people around the world are very glad that he did. Philip's hats aren't just hats they are pieces of art, I was too scared to touch them but did try on a fabulous silver creation, which you may all see as just as I did a photographer popped up from the Gulf News and Philip and I were *papped*.

For the last two years it has been a Walter Wright hat that has won the "Best Dressed Award" at the Dubai World Cup Style Stakes.  I will be very surprised if this year he doesn't make it a hat trick.  Some of the hats that the ladies were trying today were truly amazing.  Philip told me that "hats need homes" and that he ensures every hat has a good home. In our house that saying is cats need homes!

Anyway I can't wait to see Philip again, and I am pretty sure I will be heading back to BurJuman at some point this week just to say Goodbye.  If you want to meet Philip, you can find him at BurJuman, every day from 10 am til 10 pm until the 26th of March.

Mention GA and you will get an extra special discount and that's a promise!!

(edited to say that Phil is back in town from Sunday until the 30th of March at Burjuman)






Like the idea of having bread delivered to the door daily? if you do then Swiss Cottage is the business for you. We have been loyal customers now for three years. Every Sunday morning, regular as clockwork we find three white loaves of bread hanging on our front door handle at 6.30 am.  One stays out and the other two go into the freezer. Swiss Cottage have a really good selection of breads and croissants and can deliver daily, weekly, bi weekly, whatever suits your needs really.

When it comes to payment, they send a driver over every couple of months and we pay him directly. Cancelling an order whilst your away is easy too, you just contact them via email.  I have never had ONE problem with Swiss Cottage and can recommend them whole heartedly.

On the plus side I never bother with the bakery sections in any of the supermarkets, unless it's Aswaaq's mini croissants for Mitten, it saves me money in the long run as tempation is taken away from indulging in inflated bread prices in some supermarkets.

If you want to try Swiss Cottage before placing an on line order, they retail some of their range at Aswaaq, just make sure it has the Swiss Cottage logo on it.

Well over a year ago I got chatting on Twitter to @fluttabyz, we chatted regularly for a long time before we realised that we have children the same age, and that they are in the same school and that we had even chatted at school before! that is the beauty of twitter you don't have any prejudgement of who you are tweeting unless of course you have a life and know them in the real world ....

Anyway we do know each other in the real world, we know each other pretty well but what you don't know is that Leanne (yes she has a real name unlike me) makes the most wonderful hand made cards.   After having her family and having a bit of spare time on her hands, and being a lover of art she turned her hand to making cards, thank goodness she did! these horrible Hallmark Stores are fine when you need 3000 Christmas cards but aren't much cop for anything else.

I have ordered various cards from Leanne, they are always beautiful, I am yet to be disappointed.  Leanne can make any type of card you wish, from Christmas to Christenings, Birthdays to Weddings, she can do them all and she personalise them too!  so if you have a special occasion coming up soon, get in touch with her and have a card made with love ....


Hearing about the opening of a new outlet of Lush at Mercato we called in today to check it out.  I was a big fan of their bath bombs a good few years back and bought them on a regular basis. I think at that time they were about about 12/14 dhs, a nice little treat and a lovely smelly bath.

Having not stepped foot in a Lush store for some 5 years I nearly choked in shock not at the smell, but at the prices!! Bath bombs are costing a bomb these days!!  Not only have the bath bombs rocketed in price almost everything they sell has atleast doubled in the last five years if not more.

Isn't it so disappointing when you see a small company like that which is geniuinely not a bad product become over commercialised and falls foul on being tagged as greedy?  The Body Shop did exactly the same.  Both these brands in my opinion started off as a low cost, value for money beauty brand, only now to be heading slowly but surely up to high end prices, when they DO NOT have the quality of Lóccitane or Molton Brown.

Anyway I do recommend a visit if you are in the area, it's an interesting little outlet to browse about, and perfect if you are looking for something a bit different as a gift. 

There is a nice Lóccitane outlet there too ....

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