Monday, March 18, 2019


We all love a bit of unhealthy indulengce every now and then don't we? I am very happy to say that we can make that a healthy indulgence now that NKD Pizza has opened up their first outlet in Dubai. Hailing from the great US of A these guys now what they are talking about it when it comes to Pizza and customer service.

I started following @nkdpizza months ago when they set up their social media campaign in Dubai and over the months watched as eventually they opened their first outlet, started taking orders and had a little celebratory opening "do". It's nice to feel part of a company and not just a customer. NKD have done a great job of including all their potential customers in their journey of becoming a successful retailer in Dubai, whilst tempting us with their super duper healthy Pizza. Of course I had to check them out, I am not going to ramble on and on about how good the "zza" was, I wouldn't be writing this if it wasn't! the website is self explanatory, you choose what you want, either ring them or order on line and voila 30 mins later, or thereabouts pizza on your doorstep.

NKD have a strict delivery area code, this is to ensure you get piping hot fresh food delivered your door, but don't despair if you are not living in one of the areas on their site, new outlets planned real soon!! To become part of the NKD family you can hunt them out on Facebook or follow them on twitter @nkdpizza or simply log onto their efficient and easy to navigate website.

Well done NKD, we are definitely looking forward to getting naked again ....

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