Tuesday, March 26, 2019


Well over a year ago I got chatting on Twitter to @fluttabyz, we chatted regularly for a long time before we realised that we have children the same age, and that they are in the same school and that we had even chatted at school before! that is the beauty of twitter you don't have any prejudgement of who you are tweeting unless of course you have a life and know them in the real world ....

Anyway we do know each other in the real world, we know each other pretty well but what you don't know is that Leanne (yes she has a real name unlike me) makes the most wonderful hand made cards. After having her family and having a bit of spare time on her hands, and being a lover of art she turned her hand to making cards, thank goodness she did! these horrible Hallmark Stores are fine when you need 3000 Christmas cards but aren't much cop for anything else.

I have ordered various cards from Leanne, they are always beautiful, I am yet to be disappointed. Leanne can make any type of card you wish, from Christmas to Christenings, Birthdays to Weddings, she can do them all and she personalise them too! so if you have a special occasion coming up soon, get in touch with her and have a card made with love ....


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