Tuesday, March 26, 2019


Like the idea of having bread delivered to the door daily? if you do then Swiss Cottage is the business for you. We have been loyal customers now for three years. Every Sunday morning, regular as clockwork we find three white loaves of bread hanging on our front door handle at 6.30 am. One stays out and the other two go into the freezer. Swiss Cottage have a really good selection of breads and croissants and can deliver daily, weekly, bi weekly, whatever suits your needs really.

When it comes to payment, they send a driver over every couple of months and we pay him directly. Cancelling an order whilst your away is easy too, you just contact them via email. I have never had ONE problem with Swiss Cottage and can recommend them whole heartedly.

On the plus side I never bother with the bakery sections in any of the supermarkets, unless it's Aswaaq's mini croissants for Mitten, it saves me money in the long run as tempation is taken away from indulging in inflated bread prices in some supermarkets.

If you want to try Swiss Cottage before placing an on line order, they retail some of their range at Aswaaq, just make sure it has the Swiss Cottage logo on it.


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