Tuesday, March 26, 2019


My imaginary love affair with George Michael started way back in 1981 when he and Andrew Ridgely became household names with their upbeat, boyish duo, Wham. Right through the 80's George was questioned about his sexuality but was regularly seen entertaining beautiful ladies, and even claimed to have a long term relationship with the model who appeared in his solo single "I want your Sex". However he did eventually admit, after his Mother passed away that he was infact gay and the global media went into hysterics, and tried to destroy his career. I have no idea why, it didn't affect his fan base or record sales for that matter in anyway, but it must have been hard for him to cope with from a personal point of view.

In April 1998 he was arrested in Beverley Hills and charged with "engaging in a lewd act", the press again were out in droves to discredit him. He retaliates with a new single called "Outside", basically mocking the police and the circumstances in which he was arrested. The album went onto sell over 9 million copies world wide.

In July 2006, George Michael was again arrested and charged with another sexual offence. Global Media went into overdrive hysteria.

George was arrested and charged with possession of drugs various times, but the most dramatic one was when he was chargedin August 2009 with "possession of cannabis and with driving while unfit through drink or drugs". On this occasion he had managed to crash his car into the front of a local shop. He received a custodial sentence and served 4 weeks at High Point prison in Suffolk.

At this time I think the press really did think they had managed to damage his character and career permanently. Well little did they know that George would turn it all around to his favour and in the spirit of Comic Relief appears in a sketch with Britain's favourite comic, James Corden. A sketch that would raise millions, which has currently had 866,939 hits and rising on you tube. His new single, True Faith a cover by New Order is also in aid of Comic Relief.

Quite simply, the man a genuis, how many stars could get themselves into this much trouble and end up coming out if itsmelling of roses?

If you haven't seen the Comic Relief sketch, please do google it, you will see the man behind the name.


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