Monday, March 25, 2019


There were two memorable occasions that happened on 1.1.11, my website was launched and the two new rides at Wild Wadi eventually came to fruition.

This weekend we headed down to Wild Wadi, we had been waiting for the weather to get better before having a day out at the UAE's Best Water Park (as voted by me). I am a total wimp and hate being cold so April dawned and the GA family packed up their bags, with goggles, sun tan lotion and a one piece swim suit to spend the day at Wild Wadi.

We are not strangers to Wild Wadi by any means and have been regular visitors over the years, mainly when we have been resident at Jumeirah Beach Hotel, (which incase you don't know involves free access to Wild Wadi during your stay). Yesterday we were lucky enough to have won some free tickets via in one of their weekly competitions.

Arrival was very straight forward, we got there early to avoid the stress of too many queues, paid our dues, got our credit and headed over the to the wave pool and grabbed three perfectly placed sunbeds on the shoreline of the man made beach. Mitten was on her feet and off to check out the various rides returning half an hour later with a smile as big as the moon. After few hours of trying out the various slides and the wave pool we decided to head to the new rides ....

Tantrum Alley and Burj Surj are new additions to the Park. I have to be honest we didn't try out Tantrum Alley as it appeared that there were no small children in the queue, Mitten is only 6 and whilst she has no fear whatsoever I was a bit concerned it was going to be too much for her. We did try out Burj Surj though, not once or twice but about six times!! Absolutely fantastically scarey but exciting and addictive.

Sindbad's Gallery served us a super lunch, nothing too flash, just hotdogs and chicken tenders, tasty and enjoyable. The food was fresh and well presented though the service could have been a bit faster. Six year olds are very impatient in water parks.

All in all we had a super day. There is only one thing that I wasn't happy about and I will be sending a copy of this to the Management of Wild Wadi. I know that the Jumeirah Group in general takes criticism as well as they take praise. When we arrived at the park we were disappointed to find that Mitten, aged six, was now classed as an "adult" and was able to take part in all the rides and hence would be charged the full adult price. Since when has a child who is 1.1 metres tall been classed as an adult? as a Mother I can safely say there are very few of us who would be putting our 6 year olds on the Jumeirah Sceirah or any of the flowrider rides. They are just too small for these rides and in my opinion it could be dangerous for them. Think about your policies Wild Wadi and don't fall prey to the greed that is becoming so common in Dubai. Everyone is watching their cash and looking for good value for money days out, without having to buy the Entertainer voucher book.

Anyway regardless of that little gripe, we will be back, more than likely in early May to celebrate Mitten's Birthday.

Thank you for a super day out, Wild Wadi truly is a fabulous day out. @wildwadidubai

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