Tuesday, March 26, 2019


About two years ago I attended the Twitter Book Club launch and met a charming gentleman by the name of Hisham Wyne. A true eccentric, and man who I was immediately attracted to because of his simple charm and wit. Dressed head to toe in black with a crevat and a garish yellow shirt, we clicked instantly. I of course informed him that yellow was not his colour which later turned out to be very true.

If you have the pleasure of spending an hour with Hisham I am sure you will feel the same way. His personality is addictive, intense, yet warm and caring. Hisham is known locally for his writings and ramblings and general opinion on anything and everything. Often seen fronting up drama events, writing columns for local newspapers and sitting around at the Dubai Eye radio studios, chatting to everyone in sundry.

Hisham's opinion may not always be your opinion but he always justifies his thoughts with good argument. I think if you want a good argument with no prejudice then Hisham is just your man.

Put simply, I adore him, they broke the mould when they the martian's made Hisham.

www.hishamwyne.com or find him on Twitter @hishamwyne

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