Tuesday, March 26, 2019


Exactly a one hour and ten minute drive outside of Dubai, nestled in the middle of the desert you will find Iceland, Ras Al Khaimah's latest tourist attraction, the first of many if the billboards are anything to go by that are plastered round the huge carpark.

We got there at about 11 am on Friday morning, parked easily and headed straight into the ticketing area, which is massive, air conditioned and organised. The Staff appeared to know what they are doing but then I hear on the grapevine that many of them had been hand picked by my favourite water park here in Dubai and we all know how good the staff are there.

The Park itself is massive with lots of seating areas, you can choose from a shaded table with chairs or sun loungers that are set up round the wave pool and the olympic sized swimming pool. There are 27 water slides of varying scariness, a super kids area with 12 slides and various different attractions for your kiddy winkles. One thing that impressed me was the full size foot ball pitch which has chilled water churning out every ten minutes to keep you cool. I mention chilled as this, the Tundra Baths and Penguin Bay were the only areas that had chilled water. ALL the other attractions have neither chillers or heaters. I spoke to someone who had been there in January and basically couldn't enjoy any of the attractions as the water was quite literally freezing.

There are three main areas to eat, Food Village, Platter and Snow Castle. We tried out Food Village, wasn't overly impressed with the food but then you get what you pay for. All the outlets are more than affordable and very busy.

I quite like rules and regulations and take them seriously. We read the rules before we entered the park. I have never in my entire life been anywhere quite as bad as Iceland for NOT upholding the rules.

Swimming Costumes are compulsory, street clothes are not allowed ... yeah right, I saw a lady in a sari and god knows how many abaya clad women and men wearing sports shirts in the water.

Alcohol is prohibited ... so why are they selling Heineken from the food outlets?

Outside Food and Beverages are not allowed .... everyone had picnics

Smoking is permissable in the smoking areas ... everyone smoking anywhere

No need to go on about that as I am guessing you have got the picture. That aside we had a super day out and it definitely was worth the drive. Would we go again? yes but probably only in the Spring or Autumn when the pools have had a chance to either warm up or cool down. It's sad, that they didn't think to put chillers into their pools, in light of the amount of money they have spent on the area, you would think that chillers would have been a must. It's interesting that their tag line for promoting the park is, wait for it ..... Let's Freeze the Desert.

We all know what I am like about social media, well you can forget getting any feedback from this lot. They have a facebook group, not a fan page. From what I have seenin the groupno one updates it or answers any queries. The Twitter account is a joke, so I sincerely hope they are not paying a PR Company to engage in their social media, if they are they are wasting their money and would be better of spending it on chillers.

I will of course be sending them a copy of this article for their feedback, I would bet I don't hear from them.


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