Tuesday, March 26, 2019


(written by an Idiot)

Earlier I wrote an Idiot's Guide to Twitter and promised I would do a follow-up about my experiences with, and how I use Tweetdeck to maximise your Twitter experience.

Tweetdeck is an application that you can download once you have an account with Twitter that makes life a whole lot easier. Twitter.com will always be your *holding* page so say and I advise that you run Twitter.com in the background as I can only describe it as "Head Office". I still use Twitter.com to check who is following me and to return the compliment should I so wish, however all other twitter related work is done via my tweetdeck.

So first of all download the tweetdeck to your PC via www.tweetdeck.com, it's pretty straight forward, enter your user ID and password. What you should see now on your screen is a series of columns, don't panic! these can be personalised to suit how you wish to use your tweetdeck.

The first column is ALL FRIENDS this is a list of tweets that are being tweeted by people who you follow.
The second column is MENTIONS this is a list of tweets where you are mentioned via the @ sign.
The third column is DIRECT MESSAGES this a list of tweets that have been sent to you via the Direct Message facility.

Other columns can be removed by clicking on the T at the top right hand corner of said column, if you hold your mouse over the letter T it will turn into a cross and you can remove the column. For now stick with the three columns, I will tell you later how to add columns.

Above the All Friends column you will see a small yellow box, click on this to write your tweet, press enter to send your tweet, which will now appear in the first column. The next sign is a + sign in a circle, click on this and you will you see that you can add new columns to your deck, it is pretty straight forward, play with it and add columns as suggested to you by them. You can always easily delete them if they don't interest you. This area is the area where you can add other Social Media platforms to your tweetdeck. I personally run Tweetdeck seperately to my FB account as they are two very different mediums used for two very different purposes, but the choice is yours. If you have multiple Twitter accounts you can add them here as well. To add columns pertaining to other accounts you need to change the account name then click core.

Basically you can have as many columns, relating to as many accounts as you wish up on your tweetdeck screen. I run the @juansalonjlt account so I have my own columns, and the columns where he is mentioned and his Direct Messages.

You should by now be aware that if the # sign is used next to a word/phrase, it means that we are discussing that particular subject. If you click that word, via your tweetdeck a column will appear that is showing ALL the tweets that have been tweeted pertaining that subject/discussion, common ones used in the UAE are #geekfest #litfest etc. If for example you wish to follow people who have a common interest, add a column using the # of the subject you are interested in for example #grandprix. If there is a topic you want to follow then you use this function to do it. Again the column can be removed at any time.

The third and last icon above the All Friends colum is a flash of lightening, this is purely a search function to use to search other users and their recent tweets, you can also do this by clicking on their user ID in the main timeline. If you click on a Tiwtter user ID, it will bring up their profile and give you the option to follow them, if they are already following you there will be a small green tick beneath their avatar. You can both follow and unfollow people via your tweetdeck, however you can't track new followers, so I still do that via twitter.com.

Now to look at the settings on your Tweetdeck, to the top right hand side of your screen you will see 5 small icons, click on the spanner. This is the settings key, you will now see a list of options that you can use to customise your tweetdeck. Tick - use autcomplete for user names (this means when you type for example the word @Ge, tweetdeck will automatically bring up a list of people you follow who's name starts with @Ge). Tick press enter to send updates, this speeds things up when you are sending tweets. It is up to you to customise your tweetdeck to what suits you so have a play around in this section until you are happy with it. You will see that there is a colours/font section for further customising your tweedeck to colours you prefer.

Now I will explain how to send a photo or video via Tweetdeck; above the All Friends column, click on the yellow square, you will now see a window where you can send a tweet. To add a photo you will see there is an icon of a camera at the far right hand side of the screen, click on the camera, upload the image and tweet it to your main time line. You can do the same via the video button for videos.

There is only one way to learn how to use a new toy, and that is playing with it, it will all click into place a few hours and you will enjoy your twitter experience so much more! any problems, just tweet me @geordiearmani


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