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Whilst Britain basked to the top tune of 1974, "Seasons in the Sun" by Terry Jacks, the wonderful people at Volkswagen were busy launching the Mk1 Scirocco into the market. The Scirocco was to replace the legendary Karmann Ghia from the VW lineup and people were tense with anticipation about the launch of the much anticipated Scirocco, and boy they were not to be disappointed. The Scirocco was launched into the market 6 months prior to the Golf and its dynamic bodyshape was the mastermind of Giorgetto Giugiaro, a man who already had a synonymous name for placing aesthetically pleasing cars into the market.

I don't remember the 1974 arrival of the Scirocco but do remember the MK2 model which quite aptly was launched in 1982 the year I turned 17, and had inherited my first car from my parents, a VW Passat, a very old VW Passat!! but one that got me from A - B and started my love affair of all things Volkswagen. The Passat was followed by a Jetta, and my parents had a trio of VW Polo's over the subsequent years. So the Human League had hit the charts with their now legendary "Don't you want me Baby", I had turned 17, new romantics were ruling the world and I had one mission in life, and that was to one day own the ultimate VW, yes you guessed the Scirocco.

The VW Golf has turned out to be VW's best selling car, no surprise really, it is also the third best selling car ever produced. No mean feat by any means, my favourite was the GTI Convertible which I had during the mid 90's. I still always wanted the Scirocco though, it just always seemed outside of my grasp, due to finances and most likely exorbitant Insurance in the UK.

The first car I owned here in the UAE was not surprisingly a fabulous Silver VW Golf 2.0 L (MK4). Life changed with the arrival of Mitten and we entered Mitsubishi world and the land of the Pajero, as you all know I adore my Pajero but she is a lifestyle necessity.

I was delighted when VW Middle East said they would make my dream come true and let me take one of their brand new Scirocco's for the weekend! All I needed now was my Out Now 80's DVD and I was set! With great anticipation I headed over to DAFZA to collect the *baby*. Those of you who know me will now how relieved I was to find said vehicle was silver and not lime green!

For the first time in probably 7 years I drove a car, a very small and beautiful car. From the minute I saw this car she reminded me of a cat, a feline with attitude, one with style, class and intelligence, I christened her The Meezer, which is a colloquial name used when discussing Siamese Felines. The Meezer was officially my toy for the weekend and I was not prepared to share her with anyone!!

They say the best things come in little packages, they are right, it's not only Tiffany who have something special in their little blue boxes, VW have a belter of a diamond quite secretely hidden up their sleeve. The Meezer oozed sex appeal, and it made me laugh when I researched top selling tunes for the year the Scirocco MK3 was launched, yes that lovable and well remembered "I'm too sexy for my shirt" was the current chart topper!

The Meezer is quite simply a very easy car to adapt to, from the keyless entry and ignition to the high resolution touch screen function pad, the automatic reclining seats, everything was easy to master. The GPS didn't even phase me and it was the first time I had used one, the media section was superb all the local stations listed clearly. The rear Park Pilot was a luxury I had never experienced before, visiblity via the rear window for parking is not fantastic I have to say, not that it was an issue to me.

One of the main things we are all aware of living here in the UAE is road safety. There is a comprehensive airbag system in place for both front and rear passengers which are triggered by crash sensors which in the event of a collision are activated within 30 - 40 milliseconds. Thankfully I didn't find out how fast these worked but I have no doubt in my mind about their effectiveness.

My Meezer was the 2.0 TSI and it arrived with a full tank of petrol thanks to VW Middle East, I used the car for three days and was very pleased to say that the petrol gauge didn't even drop below the half tank level, statistics that I have been provided with state fuel consumption at 10.1 litres/per 100 km. Whilst petrol prices here aren't that big an issue they may well be for our European readers.

I loved every minute of my Scirocco experience, even when The Meezer was parked outside, she looked like she was purring quietly, just waiting to be stroked into action, and trust me when I say there is one big cat under that bonnet, she roared into action with just a tap of the accelerator!!

A massive thank you to Volkswagen Middle East for entrusting me with one of their *babies* for the weekend, what more can I say than to end this with two very special words .... DAS AUTO

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