Tuesday, March 26, 2019


It was the end of term and there is no better way to celebrate than to check into my favourite hotel for a weekend of luxury and pampering, which just happens to be adjoined to the best Water Park in the UAE, yes you guessed it Wild Wadi!

Seeing as I was residing I thought there was no better time to invite my two pals along to enjoy a full day off, a luxury the three of us rarely have. So off we went, three Mums and three kids, into Wild Wadi. The extremely lovely manager who we shall call Mr America for the purpose of this article, decided to let us go posh and very kindly gave us one of their Cabana's for the day. What ensued during the day no one was expecting. First of all the lovely Danny the DJ got hold of our Twitter ID's and we started hearing our namesbeing blastedright through the entire park.

Girls being girls we did the girlie sort of things you would expect, for the sake of Mr America I will not recount them in this article. Just think lycra, men, and hysterical women and you will get the idea. The kids were happily racing around like they had recently been injected with a huge dose of sugar, so we lady folk took a quick dip in the lazy river. Following this we decided to try out the new Burj Surj family ride, the kids went ahead of us, their screams echoing down the ride. We three took the next "dinghy" and headed down after them, we screamed louder than they did, trust me!! the one that is famous for the toffee literally shook for the next half an hour and she who sells the silver was nearly stunned to silence!! (note I said nearly). Twenty minutes in the wave pool calmed us all down!!

Another treat was install for us! yes we were going to try out Fisho!! Well some of us were .... you will find the pics of that little escapade here(Catboy andGeordie Bird fan page). The one that sells the Toffee, like me is a complete wimp and couldn't do it, the one who sells the silver was straight in there with Mr America having a whale of a time. There are 5000 garra ruffa fish in the tank who quite happily nibble off all that dead skin!! We must at this point personally thank the Belhabal Group for this amazing attraction at Wild Wadi.

I learnt lots of new things about Wild Wadi yesterday, did you know they were the first waterpark in the world to interconnect all their rides and go totally cashless? well they were. Nine million litres of water a day is pushed around the park!! and yesterday they went through 80 kgs of onions!!

As I have said before of all good establishments it is the staff who make the place what it is, and each and everyone of the 500 colleagues who run the place (from 44 different countries) should be applauded for their dedication to the customers who visit the park each day. One special mention must go to the lovely Archie who looked after us so well all day, Archie you rock!!!

If you fancy a day out with the girls then look no further than Wild Wadi, it's fab and you don't have to do your hair!!! and if you don't want to share your wobbly bits you can do it on ladies night!

Dedicated to the Toffee One, and the Silver One


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