Tuesday, March 26, 2019


Team Kodak asked me to take a look at their new Digital Photo Frame, the Kodak Pulse. Being slightly technophobic when it comes to gadgets I was a bit apprehensive. However I had absolutely no need to be, I managed without the assistance from the male of species, who seriously do think they are superior when it come to gadgets to successfully set up, and install a library of pictures on this amazing little device. I say little it is actually a 7 inch touch screen which is ample big enough for my amazing collection of professionally taken photos .....

Enough said on that the better. Getting back to the Pulse, this is a digital photo frame with a difference. Basically you take it out of the box, switch it on,register your personal e mail ID with Kodak, at www.kodakpulse.com, head to your photo albums and load them straight onto the Pulse. You can also uploadalbums your facebook account, kodak gallery and even your smart phone, once you have set up your Kodak Pulse account. The Pulse is easily connected via WiFi, making uploading an absolute doddle.

Once the pictures are uploaded you can actually personalise the screen to display the albums in various different settings. I particularly liked the scrapbook option and the time delay slideshow.

Here is when things get particularly good, as expats we are always relying on the internet to keep in touch with our families. What I plan to do is to buy one as a gift for my Mother in the UK, that way I can send her a weekly photo album of what Mitten has been getting up to during the week, every week, and it will onlytake me about 5 minutes to do.

They say a photosays athousand words, they are so right! Well done to Kodak for coming out with such a user friendly digital frame that can be safely used by even the female of the species! I also hear that it is available with a 10 inch screen, for the men folk ....

Kodak Middle East are on both Twitter and Facebook

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