Monday, March 25, 2019


First day of Atilla's holidays and were up at 6.30 am prompt, showered and ready and up at the Dubai 92 studios by 7.45 am!!! Why? I was getting the pleasure of waxing Catboy's legs. Did he deserve it? yes? Those of you who follow both of us on Twitter will know that he has over the last couple of years peristently ribbed me about my age, and trust me revenge is sweet and it will take place later this year when he turns 40.

Anyway back to the task in hand. In an attempt to get more likes on his and GeordieBird's fan page he set the challenge that ifthey had 1000 likes by Thursday morning last week he would get his legs waxed. Little did he realise the power of sharing pages on facebook and everyone went to town on both facebook and twitter to ensure that they would listen to him having his legs waxed live on air. This was too good an opportunity for me to miss, I had to be one of the listeners to do the deed and inflict the pain!!

It didn't happen last week, he was down with the dreaded lurgy, but this morning he dragged himself into the studios where were able to record the experience live on air. It was great fun and well worth the early start to the day.

There will be a video going up later on their blog site. Catboy you took it like a man, and thanks for letting me be there to witness the entire experience live!! You were such a good sport you let me do it twice!! God help Geordiebird if they hit the 1500 by this Thursday!

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