Monday, February 18, 2019


Yesterday was a very special day in the Armani Household, Mr Armani was celebrating his birthday and for the first time since his childhood he was able to celebrate it with his Brother who is here on holiday.

A few weeks earlier The Girls had decided that it was about time we got out of town and had a little break in the Mountains, and to check out the delights of one of Dubai's oldest and most established Hotels. Hatta Fort Hotel was chosen as the desired destination and the plans were laid for the first Girls on Tour outing. As you can imagine these are never straight forward and it turned out the that The Silver One was incapable of driving in a straight line to Hatta and had to join forces with The Toffee One, both of them were late I might add, after having accused me that I would turn up in my Pyjamas if we were to leave any earlier than 9 am.

The Armani family left promptly at 9 am, and headed via the Al Khail Road in a very straight line to Hatta, we passed through a tiny little village called Madam which I felt was rather appropriate when I think of the two lady friends I had joining me. It is a rather pleasant drive and takes just over an hour to get to the Hotel. When we arrived at the Hotel we were greeted by the lovely Sheldon who looked after us all day. We chose the Rock Pool to spend our day at Hatta Fort Hotel as it is definitely more geared towards families and has an air conditioned indoor games room.

Sheldon introduced me to Romy, I had to smile, The Toffee One's Mother shares the same name, I am a great believer in fate and I just knew everything was going to be perfect. Following a couple of hours in the pool and catching some sun we ordered lunch, amazing menu with a good children's menu too. The food arrived and we headed down to our table which was beautifully set out and had AC chillers directed over it. Romy was fabulous and made sure we were all happy with our food, which we were, there were no left overs that day. After the meal Mr Armani was presented with a platter of Birthday Cakes, yes a platter, one big chocolate cake and another 12 invidual cakes for us all to share.

After lunch The Girls decided it was high time to go and investigate this jewel of a hotel, nestled in the Hajjar Mountains. We were not disappointed, it turns out that Sheldon is not only in charge of the pool area but also looks after the peacocks and the aviary at the Hotel. The peacocks were fabulous and the Silver One decided to hunt out some feathers to take home as a memory of a fabulous day.

I had the opportunity to meet the General Manager of the hotel, who shared with me lots of special facts and history about the actual hotel, but I am going to keep those secret for now, as I am planning on having an overnight stay at Hatta Fort Hotel just so I can explore every single one of its hidden delights.

Before we left the hotel we had a quick guided tour of the Aviary and Sheldon showed us the new baby peacocks who had been born just two months previously. I can't recommend this hotel enough for a day trip, it is the perfect destination for families and couples too, as there are two pools to choose from, the one a the main hotel is recommended for couples only.

You will also be happy to hear that day entry into the hotel is very reasonably priced at just 50 dhs for adults and 30 dhs for children (under 12's), valid weekdays (until the end of September). Entry during the weekends and public holidays is the same but there is a gate entry fee of 50 dhs for adults and 30 dhs for children which is redeemable against food and beverages.

What more can I say, fill up your car, and don't forget your passports as there is a new Oman border control point on the Hatta Road, and head to the Hajjar Mountains for a day you won't forget, at one of Dubai's best kept little secrets .... Hatta Fort Hotel

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