Tuesday, March 26, 2019


Its the height of summer and we are well into Ramadan and I am sure most people must think we are mad but we decided to pack up the kids and head up to Jebel Ali Beach GolfResort and Spa for the day. We had enjoyed a fabulous July day out at their Sister Hotel, Hatta Fort in July so excitement levels were high and we were not disappointed.

I, of course was the first one to arrive at the Hotel and headed straight out onto the beach and pool area, all 128 acres of it!! Yes Jebel Ali Beach Resort and Spa is huge and can be seen quite clearly making its mark on the coastline when you drive towards it. I first visited the Hotel not long after it had opened in 1987 (I think), at that time it was miles out of town, not these days, a mere 20 minute run from Al Barsha.

The Toffee One arrived shortly after myself and we settled ourselves at the freshwater pool, I really was surprised at how busy the resort was considering the time of year. The fact that it is the Holy Month of Ramadan makes little difference as the Resort is exempt from the restrictions we have to follow outside of the resort. The freshwater pool has a fabulous little bar in the pool, would be a shame not to try it out!! fruit cocktails all round served by Robin who even though he was dripping in sweat had a smile on his face.

The Silver One showed up and it was time for lunch. We headed indoors to La Fontana, a beautiful little restaurant which was serving a fabulous all you could eat lunch, there was an extensive salad bar with soup and assorted breads, along with a hotplate with roast lamb and mashed potatoes, a pasta station and of course the dessert station for 145 dhs. We all chose various options and enjoyed it immensley.

It was time to head back to the pool, and much to The Silver One's surprise some peacocks turned up so off she went to take some photos, this girl is quite literally fascinated with peacocks and has gone back up to Hatta Fort Hotel today to see theirs!

Jebel Ali Beach Resort and Spa has so much to offer, it is exactly what it says on the label, a resort, there is so much to do up there and to really do it justice we are going to have to go back in the cooler months so we can check out the stables, the Marina, the Golf Club, Joumana Spa, Palm Court, DiVAZ floating restaurant and the other15 restaurants it has on site!!!

Thank you Jebel Ali Beach Golf Resort and Spa we had a wonderful day out and will be back again later in the year.

For more information on access to the hotel please click here

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