Monday, March 18, 2019


We all know that one of the secrets of taking good care of our skin is hydration, we MUST keep our skin continuously hydrated especiallyas we are living the harsh climate of the UAE. On and off for as long as I can remember I have tried various different skin creams in various different price ranges. I no longer bother with the top end stuff as I find that the results it gives (if any) are rarely any different to the lower end price ranges like Ponds and Olay.

One product that have gone back to over and over again which really suits my skin is Boots No 7 Intensive MoistureFace Mask. This rich creamy pump action mask is superb. You can apply and leave on,then wipe off after ten minutes or use it as I have been, by applying a thin layer and leaving it overnight. It smells divine and you will see the results. Fine lines that appear on our skin around our eye areas and foreheadare often due to dehydration as opposed to anti-ageing, and all we need to do to reduce these lines is toadd moisture back into our bodies viaincreasing our water intakeor super hydrating products like this one. I have noticed a visible difference to my skin in just two weeks.

Available at Bootsit can often be found as part of their buy one get one free offer, this is a MUST for all you ladies out there who are conscious about keepingyour skin well moisturised.


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