Tuesday, March 26, 2019


Birthday's are always a time to celebrate and today is no different. One of the great functions that we have on facebook is that lovely notification that reminds us of forthcoming Birthdays. Well a few days ago I was notified of a Birthday that is taking place today and felt that the Birthday Boy in question deserved a special mention, he has a very important job, one that makes us all very very happy. Yes it is Chris Perry's Birthday today, and for those of you who don't recognise the name Chris is the General Manager at Wild Wadi Waterpark. A VERY important man indeed!!

Some would think this a cushy number but I know for a fact that Chris works really long hours, has very difficult challenges to confront on a daily basis and manages, along with his team literally hundreds of staff.

Happy Birthday Chris from all of us, and thank you for keeping Wild Wadi wonderful!!

Chris shares his Birthday with another special little person, Happy 1st Birthday to Maya Crane!! I don't have to tell you how special you are to your Mummy and Daddy, the twitterati were around to follow your Mum right through pregnancy and the special day you came into their lives.

To everyone sharing a Birthday today I wish you all very Happy Birthday.


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