Tuesday, March 26, 2019


Online retailing in the UAE has hit the virtual world with a bang in the last few years, however one of them stands out from the rest. Emirates Avenue yet again are the leaders in their field and are now offering a repair service to EVERYONE, their products are covered under manufacturer and their own warranty so no worries there, so this service is open to anyone who has an iPhone, iPad or any other geeky gadget that needs repairing.

Pick up and delivery of the "sick" gadget is free, there is a charge for the actual repair but they won't go ahead with the repair until they have your approval. All geeky gadgets are returned fully charged as well. You simply pay cash when the "healthy" gadget is returned. What more can you want? I have added the link here for you, I suggest you save it to your favourites.

With the festive season approaching I suggest you browse their site, you can find plenty of amazing little gadgets and gizmos that will no doubt cheer up anyone, from showerheads that light upin the dark (I have got one), to Jedi night lights, you will find something for the special person in your life.

Find them on facebook and Twitter

Happy shoppingin the comfort of your home, delivered to your door!!


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