Monday, March 25, 2019


A few weeks ago I was invited to an Art Exhibition at the Mojo Gallery, sadly I wasn't able to make it but Iwas however very flattered to have received an invitation to such a prestigous event. I like art, but I would never class myself as an officiado in such things, for me it is a straight forward case of see something I like, then buy. My house has an array of cat related prints (no surprises there), as well as the usual cheaper stuff that you acquire in the likes of Ikea.

I did manage to see the Exhibition at Mojo Gallery, I popped in a couple of days ago to have a quick peak at the amazing work of Julia Ibbini and her exhibition entitled Questions of Conditioning. I was not disappointed and her images stayed in mymind so much that today I shared a link of her work to Hinge who was also blown away by both the colour and unique style of Julia.

The Mojo Gallery is situated in Al Quoz, those of you who are familiar with the new Shelter will find it easily enough, two doors away to be exact. The Gallery itself has been tastefully arranged to reflect the beauty of the exhibitors work, a calm, relaxing place which I will definitely be visiting again. I did hear on the grapevine that a very lovely lady who simply lightens up everyones lives has put her Mojo into this little haven. I will keep her identity a secret for now ....

Congratulations to The Mojo Gallery


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