Tuesday, March 26, 2019


I was a teenager in the 80's, I hit the age of 15 just as we entered into one of the best musical decades of the last century, in my opinion of course most of us tend to prefer the decade that we were teenagers in. Looking back on those teenage years now it has made me realise how much the music of that era has influenced me right through my life.

Taking myself back to one of my favourite artists of all time and the 70's, I remember watching this amazingman perform on stage, that man was Marc Bolan, he fascinated me with his corkscrew hair and eye liner. I think I was about ten at the time. The fascination continuedfrom theglam rock era into the early/mid 80's when my passion for men who were not afraid to share their feminine side so to say was totally indulged, David Bowie was huge; as he had been right through the 70's, I adored him thought he was amazing, it was through one of his videos that I came across Steve Strange, then later, Boy George, Marc Almond, Adam Ant. They WERE the 80's with the odd rock band thrown in for good measure. The mid eighties saw George Michael reach huge success, again I was in love!

Obviously I took it upon myself to be a New Romantic and to this day still prefer the romantic style of dressing, though mastering it these days is harder than it was when I was a teenager! I heard today that the man who in my opinion epitomises the New Romantic era is in town, the one and only front man of Visage, Steve Strange himself. He will never be strange to me, just a man who was true to himself in a decade where men were allowed to express themselves visually, emotionally and musically.It is 30 years since my affairwith men and make up began, it has been something that all my friends know and love me for, it is a standing joke at any event that I will always prefer the one in the guy liner.

Last night saw the start of This is England 88, a hard hitting drama about the 80's, having seen the movie and the first series This is England 86, I look forward to been thrown back into the 80's later this evening. There are some characters in all these series that remind me of friends I had in the 80's.

Anyway whatever era is your era I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed mine. Good luck in Dubai Steve, you never were and never will be one man on a lonely platform ....


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