Tuesday, March 26, 2019


It has been many years since we had been on The Bateaux Dubai for one reason or another but shortly after Christmas I saw a promotion for High Tea on board with a short cruise up and down the Creek. As it was a day time event, and suitable for families I decided it was worthy of investigation.

On Saturday we headed down to the Creek, just before 3 pm and boarded The Bateaux Dubai, we were greeted by Imran who had a huge smile on his face and three mocktails in his hand! they were mango, orange and lychee syrup, divine!! If you do decide to do the Cruise make sure you bring a few dirhams for the parking meter, it is free until 4 pm.

Mitten headed up to the Upper Deck and a had a great time on the bean bag cushions. As other families arrived we made our way into the cabin of the boat, it is beautiful, light and airy with air conditioning, not such an issue in January but later in the year it will be a blessing.

As we prepared to set sail, Imran came and poured us water followed by tea/coffee, then along came the three tier cake holder with an array of sandwiches and cakes, the lemon meringue pie was fabulous. This was followed by two scones perfectly placed in their own holder with clotted cream, jam and marmalade. We were also presented with some fabulous fruit sweets and little coloured biscuits, Mitten was well impressed, just as well as neither of us were planning sharing our scones!! By this time we had set sail, the guitarist on board was playing that old favourite, by Rod Stewart, We are Sailing, made us laugh but it set the ambience all the same. Our champagne glasses had been filled and we raised a toast to 2012, the setting was perfect.

We headed up the Creek, with little dhows and abras winding their way across the creek, doing their daily business. Mitten went back up to the bean bags for the last fifteen minutes, and we eventually arrived back at the shore just before 4.30 pm.

The Manager on board made a point of coming and speaking to all the guests asking for their feedback on their experience, he told me with enthusiasm that any guest who wanted to alter the food they had received or add to it only had to speak up, it was at this point that I had wished he had mentioned this before I had halved the lemon meringue pie with my husband and before we were about to disembark!!

A fabulous experience that will be repeated as soon as Nanna Armani arrives in the land of sand, this time I won't forget to request the extra lemon meringue pie!!

You can find out more about Bateaux Dubai and their High Tea Cruises here.

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