Tuesday, March 26, 2019


It all started on the Wednesday afternoon after school with the comment "I feel really hot and tired", followed by sleeping for the rest of the day which is totally unusual for my child, she barely sleeps at night never mind an afternoon as well. Next day we headed to one of the local clinics to be told she had an Upper Respiratory Tract Infection and was given the relevant medication. Four days later no change and she was still coughing, I just KNEW something wasn't right. I had an appointment that day for Physiotherapy at the Medcare Clinic on the Beach Road and knew there was a Paediatrician there, so off we headed.

Having worked in the NHS for sometime I am not in awe of Doctors, nor do I believe everything they tell me, they are after all just humans that chose a very important profession, but I do believe there has to be a special something to make someone want to be a Doctor, particularly a Paediatrician. Before we went into to see Dr Hady we had a little weigh in and check of the temperature which was a bit high, Mitten was immediately given something to get it down. We then went into see Dr Hady who had Mitten on his side as soon as she saw the free lollies, a must when working with children! She was totally compliant to his requests. A full history was given, a full examination was done and were sent down to the Medcare Hospital for a Chest x-ray, Dr Hady already suspecting that pneumonia may well be the diagnosis. The lollie obviously had been eaten by this time.

Once we got back to the clinic the x-ray was checked it was confirmed that Mitten did infact have pneumonia. Shocked? yes so was I! I couldn't have wished for better treatment though, Dr Hady organised blood tests and immediate injections of antibiotics, with an array of drugs that had Mitten up and running in no time!!

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Dr Hady to anyone who has children, he is a lovely man with a genuine passion for the field he works in. Trust me, I have a gut instinct for this kind of thing.

Thank you Dr Hady for everything you did for little Mitten we truly are grateful.


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